If your goal is to develop a muscular abdomen like the cover, remember that the key to success in this case lies with the right diet. Check what to eat to enjoy the perfect six pack.

At the beginning it should be mentioned that the negative caloric balance is the basis to show the abdominal muscles. You can use the best abdominal exercises, use all the possible theories and ways, but I guarantee that the thread will be used if the caloric deficit is not used. We often get type questions

What exercises are best for visualizing the abdominal muscles?

I’ve been training the belly for a few months now, and you still can not see what to do?
I have a problem with fat on my stomach, how to get rid of it from this place?

All of the above questions are one, the same answer. Everyone has abdominal muscles, better or worse. However, to reveal them, you need to burn body fat. There is no way to burn fat from the stomach alone. The fat goes evenly from the whole body.

What should I do if I eat healthy and fat is stable?

This is one of the most common ways by which the weight “stands” in place. Various products in a colored package with the words “Fit” or “Fitness” in many cases have little to do with healthy food. Manufacturers manipulate in this way people who do not read the content of the products concerned. Glucose-fructose syrup, hardened fats and various types of high-calorie additives are just some of the ingredients found in most fit products. Be smart, do not be fooled.

Healthy products – yes, but are they low-calorie?

If you eat very healthy, but too much, the effect will be the same as in the case of “junk” food. Each unused calorific surplus will be stored as fat.

Fruit, dairy, cane sugar etc. – attention!

Of course, do not undermine the theory that you should consume these products, because it is advisable. However, remember that each of them contains a large amount of simple carbohydrates, or sugars. In the case of dairy products it is lactose, and in the case of fruit – fructose. Theoretically healthy, but in this case moderation is also important. One medium-sized banana is about 20g of carbohydrates. Similarly – a kilo of bananas is 200g carbohydrates = 200grams of sugar! Here it looks not too interesting.

Sugar in the diet stops the process of converting fat into energy. Therefore, its consumption should be moderate. It should be remembered that the body is able to process only 3-6 g of simple carbohydrates once. Take, for example, a popular fit dish – banana with natural yoghurt. The whole is up to 30g of sugars, in various forms. Can you? Yes, but only in justified cases.

After intense effort, our body is like a sponge, which even demands the adoption of simple carbohydrates. After training, the glycogen contained in the muscles is significantly reduced and needs to be topped up as soon as possible. This is the best time to eat and enjoy the taste of simple carbohydrates, without worrying that they will set aside in the form of fat.

Fat-free – is it for sure the best?

Recently, the fat-free products have become very fashionable, the person not paying attention to the composition of the idea – great! However, appearances can be confused. To reduce the loss of taste caused by a smaller amount of fats, various types of sweeteners in the form of sugar are very often added. In many cases, the healthy fats contained in these products will do more good than non-fat products.

Healthy juices.

Yes, healthy, but juice is sugar. Even those not sweetened with sugar contain naturally occurring sweetener in the fruit. The average juice is the equivalent of 11 grams of sugars per 100ml of product. By drinking the whole “healthy” juice, it’s up to 110 grams of sugar. Take your requests out yourself.

Are there any products that I should avoid?

There is a group of products whose consumption significantly hinders the visualization of the six-handed – these are unhealthy fats. Avoid those saturated (eg butter, cheese, fatty milk, fatty meat) and trans fats that occur in vegetable oils (eg sunflower oil), margarines, fried dishes, cakes and sweets, chips, salty snacks and fast food.

Remember that most products contain various types of flavor enhancers, dyes, thickeners, oxidizers, etc. Etc. Each of these chemical inventions can slow down the period of fat reduction. Try to consume the least processed products, and the effect will be achieved relatively quickly.

What should you eat to enjoy a six pack?

Protein choose those products that contain as little fats as chicken breasts, turkey breasts, lean red meat, egg white, seafood and fish.
Fats Although fats are generally considered bad, there is a group of them whose consumption may help to develop a slim figure. This group includes oily fish, i.e. salmon, mackerel, tuna. In addition, very good, healthy sources of fats are nuts (almonds, cashews, brazilian and hazelnuts) and olive oil or coconut oil.
Complex carbohydrates. Choose the least processed products, ie buckwheat, millet, brown rice, wild boar, oatmeal, sweet potatoes. From time to time you can add bread with rye flour (can be sourdough) and potatoes.
Vegetables, vegetables and once more vegetables. The fiber naturally found in vegetables accelerates and improves the stomach’s work which is necessary during the reduction. Eat a minimum of 3 times a day vegetables, ie broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, spinach, asparagus, peppers, etc. Avoid legumes.

However, remember – do not limit yourself to the above-mentioned products, these are just examples. Be creative and diversify your diet.

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