Everywhere around us, there appear perfectly athletic male figures and beautifully sculpted bodies … at the beach, paths in the park. Each of us would prefer to see them in his home, in the mirror. However, what to do when we have not yet lost unnecessary and unwanted kilograms? Of course, all kinds of fast “diet miracle” are not a solution! A study published in June this year in the American Collage of Nutrition, presents an interesting way to get rid of extra-body weight. The side effect is not only the improvement of well-being, but also the improvement of metabolism. If you would like to learn more, I encourage you to read the article below.

Health from plants

As it turns out, the plant diet is a promising way to reduce energy consumption, including through the use of a wealth of nutritional products of low energy density (vegetables, fruits). It has also been proven that low-fat vegan diet improves glycemic control and cardiovascular risk factors, in particular in people with type 2 diabetes. Another advantage of a diet based on plant-derived products is its effect on improving insulin sensitivity of cells (reduces insulin resistance), and delaying the body’s aging process by eliminating oxidative stress. It was also observed that the vegetarian diet reduces the content of muscle fat, which improves the metabolism of glucose and lipids.In particular, it is extremely important for people suffering from metabolic syndrome or type 2 diabetes.

Wege diet – how to bite it?

In this study, the vegetarian diet consisted of vegetables, fruits, grains, legume seeds and nuts. At the same time, products of animal origin were limited to one portion of low-fat yogurt. 74 people took part in the analysis. They were randomly assigned to two types of diet – vegetarian and traditional anti-diabetes diet, in accordance with the recommendations of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD). Each diet was reduced by 500 kcal per day.

Using magnetic resonance, the authors of the study verified the content of adipose tissue in the thighs of the subjects, due to its greatest sensitivity to insulin in the assessed place. It turned out that both types of diet caused similar reduction of subcutaneous fat. In contrast, the loss of fat on the surface of the muscles and inside them, followed only after the use of a vegetarian diet. It can have a positive effect on the improvement of insulin resistance, as well as glucose metabolism and as an additional advantage – increasing muscle strength and mobility.

The use of almost 100% vegetable diet was associated with twice the more effective weight loss – the average weight loss was 6.2 kg compared to a conventional diet, where the average score was 3.2 kg.

The correct selection of ingredients and proper adjustment of the diet to the physiological state of the body, the person’s life style, is a guarantee of success. Only the use of the “head” diet, under the supervision of qualified people, bring the expected results.

The first step is to make a decision – just from TODAY – “I want to take care of myself, my health, well-being”, “I want to feel better in my own skin”.

This is the first VICTORY. As it turns out, a vegetarian diet can be helpful in obtaining your dream body mass. However, earlier I encourage you to make such a decision together with a doctor or dietitian, who will evaluate all pros and cons. If you have doubts, questions, go ahead ASK – because “who asks, does not go astray”.

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