You pour sweat in the gym and absorb countless supplements to develop a muscular figure? Or maybe you just want to get rid of body fat and look fit? So you must know how to proceed with the reduction to lose valuable muscle mass. Here’s what you need to know about maintaining muscle mass during weight loss.

Fast results – bad effects

Do you associate these spectacular internet changes, in which people boast of dropping several dozen kilos in a short time? In fact, they can mean little. Not only that drastic calorie reduction predisposes us to the yo-yo effect, that is, a quick return to weight before weight loss (and sometimes more), it also causes muscle loss. The essence of slimming is the dropping of adipose tissue, that is, converting the body into a lipolysis mode – the breakdown of triglycerides and the release of fatty acids from adipose tissue cells. Only then can fatty acids and glycerols become a fuel to feed, among others muscles and organs.

Why are you losing muscle during weight loss?

Introduction of excessive calorie deficit, which takes place, among others. During fasting, cleansing posts and the use of very low-calorie diets, will make your body will need an additional source of energy to ensure its proper functioning. After running out of muscle glycogen stores and reaching the maximum limit of fatty acids, it will start digesting the amino acids stored in the muscles. This means that in addition to body fat, you will also lose muscle.


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What is the risk of muscle loss?


The first effect of abnormal weight loss is a drastic drop in strength. While a small loss of strength during a natural reduction, the deterioration of your strength results by several dozen kilograms is a clear signal that something bad is happening to the body. Losing muscle will also make your silhouette far from the expected one. In weight loss is not so much about losing kilograms, as getting rid of body fat. You probably know this view very well when someone quickly lost weight due to illness or worry. It is often said then that someone has died or declined in health. This unpleasant effect is caused by the loss of muscles that give shape to the shape and healthy appearance.
To lose weight healthy, you have to eat.
If you want to keep muscle mass while slimming down, you can not forget about food. Pay attention especially to the large supply of protein, which not only provides a feeling of satiety for a long time, it also allows you to maintain muscle mass. Try to provide the body with approximately 1.5-2.5 g of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. Diet is the best way to protect against catabolism. And what if you can not fill the daily amount of protein from food? Nothing easier. Take advantage of low-calorie protein supplements or BCAA supplements. The advantage of nutrients is also that they are easy to prepare (just mix with water or milk), and thanks to a wide range of flavors can satisfy the appetite for sweets.

Exercise force

It might seem that the reduction is running time, using the elliptical cross trainer, riding a bicycle or other aerobics. Nothing more wrong. Properly performed weight loss should include strength training or similar (eg crossfit, callisthenics, TRX exercises, etc.). It is also a myth that you have to reach for light weights and perform a high number of repetitions. Nothing prevents you from continuing to use the lower, forceful compartment. However, you must take into account that with the loss of kilograms, further progression will not be possible. Sometimes it is worth leaving the ego in the locker room, reach for a lighter dumbbell and avoid an unpleasant injury, which is not difficult to reduce. If you intend to perform aerobatics, do it after strength training or on days without strength training.

Spend yourself and throw yourself loose

Another factor hindering slimming and breaking down proteins (catabolism) is stress. As a result of cortisol activity, muscle tissue degenerates, which means a loss of muscle mass for us. At the same time something completely opposite to our expectations is happening, because cortisol weakens the metabolism and leads to the accumulation of fat, including the most dangerous to health, i.e. visceral.
Solution? Take care of an appropriate rest, which must be based on a calm and deep sleep and chill out. Nowadays it is difficult to avoid stress, but try to manage your own life to avoid it. Sometimes it’s enough to take care of a few irritating matters, to free yourself from them forever, and the faster you swallow this frog, the better. It is very important if you want to burn body fat, not muscles.

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