Often we focus too much on everyday life, get up to work, work from home, do the usual duties – and after a while we look at the mirror and we realize that our current physical condition is unsatisfactory. We note that once ordinary activities now require a lot of effort from us. But that’s the way! It is worth starting from the first step, from the so-called basics – about this later in this article.

1. Street Workout – what is the first step to do?
“Let me start with the activity at home” – this is the most common text that can be found. I will say that about 90% of people speak in this way. But where to start? The first thing that comes to mind is the daily crunches in unimaginable amounts. “I will definitely unveil my ABS on my stomach” … Let’s begin with the fact that focusing on only one muscle lot can lead to serious injuries. It is also worth saying that the exercises only strengthen the muscles, and in the kitchen we reveal them! But back to the topic, we do not always have the option of mounting the stick in the frame or on the wall, so what is it worth starting? – of course from classic push-ups.

2. What will I get by doing pushups?
I met with people who had a very pessimistic attitude to this exercise. “It does not work, I do not feel muscle work …”. The problem may lie in the fact that we simply do not perform enough series and repetitions, or simply do not have any muscle concentration. Yes, my dear, concentration is a very important element of every exercise! By doing push-ups, we can feel our shoulders, back, and chest muscles more strongly depending on which part we are concentrating on. As I have mentioned many times,  most efficient exercises are multi-joint exercises.

During their performance, we engage a large group of muscle groups, which causes rapid fatigue for beginners. By doing push-ups, we will initially achieve the first results at a very fast rate: increasing muscle mass, muscle contour, improving the condition, increasing strength and endurance. In combination with a proper diet and additional exercises on the back – such as: tension in lying on the abdomen, cradle, superman and exercises for abdominal muscles (gymnastic silhouettes work best) and exercises on the lower parts: classic squats, pistols, jumps, – you can get really satisfying results!

3. What to look for when doing the pump?
As I mentioned earlier, muscle concentration is very important, but also focusing on technique! Only then will we get maximum results from the exercise being performed. It is known that at the pumps we will start with the classic ones – that is, we have to set the hands on the shoulder width, keep the fingers wide to have a larger area for stabilization, the back in the initial phase must be rounded, the abdomen and buttocks firmly fastened (thus eliminating lordosis in the lumbar region, and thus protect the spine). When you go down the elbows we turn back, literally rubbing the muscle on the widest back. We go to a break in the elbow joint to 90 degrees.

During the movement, we strongly engage the shoulders, the entire shoulder, the abdomen, the back. When we go down, we get air, and returning to the starting position, we exhale.

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