When organizing a home party, one of the most important tasks is to develop a suitable menu.This is not always a simple task.Party dishes are usually high-calorie, provide a lot of fats and simple sugars.If among your guests there are people who take care of a slim figure and healthy eating, giving them such food is not a good idea.Fortunately, there are many dishes that are perfect at the party, although they are not calorific bombs.Here are some interesting suggestions.

Vegetable sticks in yoghurt and garlic sauce

The first snack is multicolored, therefore it will revive every party buffet.To prepare it, you need red, green and yellow peppers and cucumber.Depending on preferences, other vegetables may also be used, for example celery or carrots.The preparation of the snack consists in cutting all the vegetables into bars and placing them in a glass or a mug filled halfway with the sauce.This sauce is made of natural yoghurt and finely-dipped garlic.You can also add your favorite herbs to it.


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Fruit skewers

Tasty and colorful skewers are usually made of vegetables, but those made with fruit also work very well.Get some bananas, peaches, kiwi and pineapple (fresh, not from the can).The first cut into 1 cm slices.Cut peaches and pineapple into cubes.Divide the kiwis into slices of the same thickness as for bananas, and then cut into half.Now just put the fruit pieces on the toothpicks.If you want, you can pour them with strawberry sauce.It’s very simple to prepare it, because it’s enough to mix the washed fruit.If strawberries were sour, you can add a little stevia to them.

Light bruschetta

Bruschetta is one of the most popular party dishes.If you care about the light menu, then you can prepare this delicious snack in a slightly modified version.You will need a whole-wheat baguette, tomatoes, garlic and a small amount of oil.The preparation of the dish looks the same as with the traditional bruschetta, so it should not be a problem.This snack can be served both hot and cold.On cold days the heat of the bruschetta will be better.

Small sandwiches with cottage cheese

Wholegrain bread can also be used to prepare small, tasty sandwiches.There are many products that can be found on them.One of the most interesting proposals is cottage cheese with chives.Remember to choose lean cottage cheese and add a pinch of salt to it.It is worth placing a vegetable on the sandwiches, for example a slice of radish, tomato or pepper.


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Asparagus with feta cheese

If you want to give something warm, pay special attention to the asparagus.It’s a low-calorie vegetable that provides many valuable nutrients.They can be used in many ways.One of the simplest and quickest recipes is the asparagus with sesame seeds.The dish is prepared in a pan.Clean the asparagus and remove the heads, then fry for a few minutes with a small amount of olive oil.At the end of frying, sprinkle with a tablespoon of sesame seeds.Cooked asparagus can be served with the same sauce as that used for vegetable sticks.

Cereal cakes

Usually, during the party, guests expect that they will be able to try something sweet and it’s not about fruit.How to prepare tasty and light biscuits?Preferably cereal and cereal bran.To prepare them, you need proteins from two eggs, stevia, a mixture of cereals and grains from various cereals (about 120 g) and a handful of dried fruit (for example, dried plums, families and nuts).Whip the whites into a stiff foam and then combine with the rest of the ingredients.Now all you have to do is shape the cookies and put them in the oven for about 10 minutes.The optimal baking temperature is 180 ° C.

Something to drink

A good menu requires refinement of every detail.So you can not put light snacks of cola and sugar-sweetened juices or glucose-fructose syrup next to you, because you’ll miss the results you get from the diet.This does not mean, however, that you should condemn your guests to drinking only mineral water.It’s best to reach for juices freshly squeezed.If you do not have a juicer or you do not have enough time to prepare beverages, then buy 100% juice in the shop, without any additives.The water should also be on the table, but it should be served properly.Transfer it to a decanter or jug ​​and put inside a mint leaf, a slice of lime or orange.In winter, do not forget about hot drinks.


On the one hand, it is known that alcohol is not conducive to slimming.On the other hand, the total abandonment of it is for some people a radical change, especially when it comes to alcohol consumed on special occasions, such as parties.Before buying liquor for a party, it is worth finding out which ones will be best for people who care about slim figure.Dry wine contains fewer calories than sweet.A small glass of dry red wine (120 ml) provides 50 kcal, and a sweet 150. In the case of white wine it is 75 and 120 kcal respectively.Unfortunately, not everyone likes dry liquors.Avoid sweet liqueurs, which are a real caloric bomb.A lot of calories also contain spirits, so drinks are better prepared on the basis of, for example, white wine.

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As you can see, many diet dishes matching the party can be prepared quickly and without much effort.Their advantage is that they are colorful, so the party table will look nice and encourage you to try all the dishes prepared.Such delicacies will certainly appeal not only to healthy eating enthusiasts and guests who are trying to get rid of excess weight.Perhaps thanks to them you will be able to convince your friends that healthy food does not have to be boring and tasteless


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