Running is one of the most effective slimming training. Not everyone, however, can afford to run or jog. These activities are very stressful for the joints, especially if we are quite overweight. This training method is not recommended for obese people, as well as those who suffer from vascular problems.

What to replace running?

One of the training successfully replacing runs is the walk. It is definitely a better alternative to jogging, even in the first stage of training. For most people, walking is not as tiring as running. So you can walk for a few kilometers and you are not as exhausted or deprived of energy as in the case of a few-minute run. Jogging requires more muscle engagement because we break the body off the ground and land safely on the ground. This process costs a lot of energy. It is also not as pleasant as walking.

Continuous running often results in muscle and joint pains, and even numerous injuries and injuries. The ideal way is to combine these two activities, which are running and walking. I am talking here about the march. This is the optimal combination of the short run and walk. The march allows you to regenerate the body through temporary rest after a short run.

In this way, it is possible to cover a much greater distance than just running alone. It is also a variety of training, which makes the exercises not bored and is not monotonous. The walk is undoubtedly one of the better ways to improve your fitness and a way to get rid of unnecessary kilograms.

Training plan

First of all, regular exercise is necessary. In the case of a walker, you can train up to five days a week. When it comes to running, it should be done up to three days a week, because in this way we let our muscles rest. If we can make a habit of regular training, it will be the first step to success. In the beginning, we start with a twenty-minute walk. Its tempo can not be too slow, because it is important to raise the heart rate.

Every day we extend the training for a few minutes. We are talking here, however, of the time devoted solely to marathoning, without warm-up or stretching.

As with any workout, it is necessary to take care of the correct exercise. We focus on the posture of the body. The spine should be straight, the elbows drawn back, and the head raised up, the vision should be directed straight ahead. Thanks to this, we will not overload the spine.

Why a walker?

As already mentioned, the marathon is far less tiring than running. It also allows you to control the intensity of training and adapt their plan to our capabilities. The body regenerates itself and thus can overcome greater distances. This minimizes the risk of injury. Training becomes a pleasure, not an unpleasant necessity.

In addition, people of all ages can practice walking. They are very willing to be implemented by obese people who are not able to run often even short distances. Regular training allows you to constantly improve the condition of the body. It is also a variation of training, which becomes more effective. We get more stimuli that we have around and we do not focus solely on the intensity of physical exercise, but also on what comes to us.

Walker for slimming

Researchers have proved that walking is an ideal way to lose weight because it is one of the varieties of interval exercises. According to the conducted research, people who practiced the marathon run had an even better physical condition than those who were running intensely. However, it is also important to adjust the diet.

Training tips


The marathon is not a demanding form of training. To start cultivating it, all you need is athletic footwear that cushions the ankle. The park or forest next to the house will also be good for running. Immediately after the warm-up, you should start at least five minutes walk, and only then start the run. The same principle should be applied at the end of the training. In the end, it is worth doing stretching exercises that will avoid any injuries, injuries as well as muscle and acid spasms.

Regular practice of walks for a long time in practice will enable the implementation of running and jogging. However, you should first get rid of body fat, so as not to overload the joints. The marathon is becoming very popular mainly among middle-aged and elderly people, as well as in people after serious injuries, during rehabilitation and many different ailments. It is an interesting form of spending free time outdoors.

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