Did you start running because you want to lose weight quickly? For sure you already have a better condition, and the complexion has a nicer color. Unfortunately, probably the weight is in place. 


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It turns out that running is not so much for the body that it allows itself to achieve a slim figure. The hardest thing is to achieve this effect for girls who are 5-7 kg from the ideal figure. If you want to lose weight, combine running with the diet. Then the effects of jogging will be amazing! 

1. To make the running effect visible, take care of your diet 

Especially beginner runners, it seems that running burns a lot of calories. However, despite appearances, the loss of calories is not big at all. With a body weight of 65 kilograms, a 40-minute workout (8 kilometers per hour) allows you to burn 350 calories. Therefore, to lose weight, you should watch the diet. 

2. Do not make stops while running 

In order for running to be slimming down, the training should last a minimum of 30-40 minutes. Only after this time the body begins to reach the reserves of energy accumulated in adipose tissue. 

You must not stop while running. If you are a beginner runner, run for one minute and march for 3 minutes. Over time, when you get better, reverse these proportions. 

3. Measure your heart rate while running 

The body burns fat most efficiently and boosts the metabolism around 70-75% of the maximum heart rate range. How do you calculate your optimal heart rate for your workout? Use the equation. 220 minus your age equals your maximum heart rate. Example 220 – 35 years = 185. In this case, 70% is 130. Therefore, for a girl at the age of 35, the most effective exercise zone is a heart rate of around 130. Monitoring the designated heart rate is facilitated by the heart rate monitor. If you do not have it, you should run slowly enough to be able to talk to someone without a shortness of breath. 

4. Train in the morning 

Morning runs bring the best results in the fight against unnecessary kilograms. Not only that, then you get energy mainly from fats, you improve metabolism. In addition, meals that you eat during the day are better absorbed. 

To make the morning workout as effective as possible, the day before you can eat a larger dinner (do not overdo it with carbohydrates), get up an hour before running and enjoy a coffee with milk for a light breakfast. Caffeine contained in it accelerates fat burning, and calcium from milk will protect your muscles from spasms. 

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5. To make the running effect visible, train 3 times a week 

You will not lose weight if you run once a week, even if your training lasts for 1.5 hours. Run three times a week, every other day to give the body a rest. If you have a problem with motivation, sign up for a running competition. 

6. For advanced runners, interval training 

If you run a series of 6-8 sprints in free running for 20-30 seconds, you’ll burn even more fat. After the sprint, return to the normal pace and continue running until you regain your strength. 

What to eat after training? 

The intervals engage muscles and the circulatory-respiratory system more than the course, thus burning calories more efficiently. In addition, after such an effort, the body needs more time to regenerate. Then, even if you are not running anymore, your body is still getting energy from body fat. 


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