It is difficult to clearly define what is meant by functional training. Simply put, however, it is a combination of typical strength exercises, stretching, stabilization training, as well as posture correction and work on the proper technique of movement. All this is usually based on using the weight of your own body, without the need to use machines or external load. However, it is worth introducing several instruments into your plan that will make it more attractive or break the “training routine”. The following equipment will not only improve our previous results, but will also allow much faster progress on the way to the intended goal.


  1. AB Roller

Wheel for abdominal muscle exercises, also commonly referred to as AB Roller, is an extremely simple and convenient device for functional training. The use of two wheels mounted on the roller with non-slip handles determines the small size of the device, which is a great way to exercise at home and allows you to take your fitness equipment to the club. Training with the use of AB Roller will not only strengthen the abdomen. Systematic work with the use of AB Roller enables gradual improvement of the range of motion and extension of the muscles of the back and limbs. The abdominal muscle wheel can also be used to train the deep feeling and stabilize the torso.


  1. Balls for motorisation

Functional mobilization plays a large role in functional training and relaxation of the exercised muscle groups, which allows to significantly reduce the risk of injury. However, very often, as a result of constant overloading of muscles during training, painful trigger points or local inflammation occur, which over time can become more serious problems.

In order to prevent them, it is worth introducing the components of the fascia automatic message and deep tissues, which will allow you to get rid of excessive tension and alleviate the symptoms. For this purpose, the best solution will be small balls, which are an ideal solution to affect the intermuscular fissures. The balls can be used on various surfaces and surfaces, while the use of waterproof and hypoallergenic EPP material allows easy maintenance clean.


  1. FITBALL gymnastic ball

FITBALL is nothing but popular gym or rehabilitation balls that you can meet for a long time in the physiotherapists’ offices, fitness clubs, gyms and training studios. FITBALL is used for various purposes. It is ideal for training deep sensation and central stabilization, as well as even more intensive strengthening of postural muscles. A gymnastic ball can be used to correct posture and compensate for possible asymmetries. The correct posture has an inseparable connection with the effectiveness and quality of the trainings. FITBALL balls are great for home exercises and as part of post-workout relaxation.


  1. Roller for fascial massage

Rollers, like the previously mentioned balls, are responsible for leveling overload conditions, as well as for motorisation of places subject to physical limitations and excessive muscular tension. Thanks to the larger surface rollers allow even stronger and a more intense way to affect glued fascia. Systematic work with the use of rollers leads to a significant increase in the level of elasticity and contractility of tissues, and also stimulates the body to produce more collagen. Rollers come in various forms (smooth / furrowed) and lengths. Thanks to the use of durable foam, rolling does not cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. Recommended as an element of injury prevention and form of post-training self-therapy for practitioners at all levels as well as enthusiasts of many sports.


  1. The SUSPENSION TRAINER tape system

The suspended SUPSENSION TRAINER system can be described as the true basis of any lover of functional training. The device was created in order to carry out intensive training of the whole body, using its own weight as a load. This is a great way for beginners who would like to prepare for strength training or start an adventure with a street workout, without the risk of excessive strain on the joints and spine. Thanks to the convenient form, the SUSPENSION TRAINER can be used at home, at the gym as an alternative to everyday training or stretching, as well as in the open air as an ideal way to active recreation.

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