We all know that the weight loss period is not easy. To be effective it is necessary to have a strict, well-chosen diet, adequate physical activity and, of course, strong motivation and positive attitude accompanying us throughout the entire weight loss period.

However, there are several ways to easily make the entire fat burning process much easier and pleasant. For years, traditional medicine uses many plants that have a very interesting effect on our body. It is they that have found application in effective fat burners that help us get back to the dream figure.


Ginger is a very popular spice that is ideal for desserts, savory and sweet dishes, sushi, soups and many other dishes. However, besides its great taste and versatility, it has a huge impact on fat loss. On the subject of ginger, we can find hundreds of studies, of which the result is unambiguous, and that it helps burn unnecessary fatty tissue, has warming, detoxifying properties, as well as suppresses excessive appetite. In addition, people who do not like the taste of ginger powder can try its raw or marinated version, as well as buy a supplement in the form of tea or capsules.

Hot spices

Hot foods, in addition to being delicious and provide a unique taste experience, can also help us get rid of persistent fat. Capsaicin – a substance contained, among others in chilli peppers or cayenne pepper, this is the substance responsible for this hellish taste, which we feel eating a meal enriched with eg chilli. However, capsaicin also burns fat in addition to smoking the palate. What’s more, it positively influences the protein digestion process – the pros only.

Capsaicin is also a strong thermogenet. This means that it affects the raised body temperature, thus increasing the metabolism by up to 4%! However, do not overdo it with spicy spices, because in excess they may have a bad effect on our digestive system.


In addition to cayenne pepper or chilli pepper, we can also boldly use the classic black pepper, which is rich in substances called piperine. It has similar properties to capsaicin. Supplements such as capsaicin or piperine are also available in the form of tablets.


Guarana is a strong stimulant comparable to caffeine. This means that it stimulates our nervous system allowing us to overcome the feeling of fatigue, excessive stress, as well as intensifies the focus. Thanks to this, it is a great pre-workout measure. What’s more, guarana also has a strong antioxidant and fat burning effect, as well as detoxification thanks to the positive effects on the urinary tract. Guarana is available both as an addition to beverages, as a component of pre-workout supplements and so-called as well as as a solo supplement.


Delicious cinnamon flavor, often added to desserts, coffee or ice cream, can also be a great supplement to a slimming diet. Cinnamon has a pro-health effect due to its correlation with blood sugar levels and insulin ejection. Studies show that cinnamon can help reduce blood sugar, triglycerides, as well as poor LDL to HDL ratio. It is a great supplement, as well as a supplement that works both pro-healthy and great when it comes to reducing excess weight.

St. John’s wort

St. John’s wort is usually used as a supplement that has a large impact on our nervous system. It is a strong natural antidepressant, it calms us down, it also helps to stop excessive hunger. All these factors have an irreplaceable effect on reducing our weight not only by reducing appetite, but also by reducing the stress strongly associated with cortisol. Cortisol, in turn, in excess, is associated with loss of muscle mass, building adipose tissue and malaise.


Mustard, except that it is a popular addition to dishes, eg mustard – has a very similar effect to pepper or chilli peppers. Although it is not as spicy in taste as other spices mentioned above, it also stimulates the warmth of our body, thus conquering our metabolism. Good mustard and cayenne pepper is the perfect combination for a delicious, spicy burner

Green tea

The positive effect of green tea on our body does not need to be presented to anyone. In addition to being just healthy, rich in antioxidants, it also helps us lose weight. The secret behind green tea is the fact that it is rich in catechins – a group of polyphenols. Catechins inhibit the growth of fat cells. Thanks to this, the fat simply sets off to a lesser extent. What’s more, green tea also acts as a regulator of the level of sugar in our blood.

Green tea is the perfect addition to meals and drink, which we can drink even several times a day. However, if we do not like the taste of green tea, we can always bet on a supplement in which it is a compact solo or, for example, in combination with L-carnitine, or other ingredient enhancing its anti-fat action.

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