What is the difference between training on a treadmill and running outdoors? 

Training on the treadmill has many advantages. First of all, it can be done regardless of weather conditions. Another important advantage is saving our ponds on the machine. A lot of treadmills are equipped with the option of tilting the tape, on which we run, so that we can increase or decrease the intensity of training as we like. 


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The machines of well-known manufacturers also have many training programs, thanks to which we can burn body fat, build speed or improve the efficiency of the body. 

Training on the treadmill differs from that in the field and you have to get used to these differences. Research has shown that during training, the machine can develop a higher speed – which is caused by less air resistance than outside. In addition, this makes the runner’s step longer. These are elements that may interfere at first, but you can get used to them and make them work in our favor. 

What is worth remembering while training on the treadmill? 

Try to control the momentum with which you hit the tape with your foot. Thanks to the fact that the tape moves, you do not have to put in the reflection of the surface as much energy as during field training. 

Try to keep your posture straight. 

Control your breath. 

Keep your stomach muscles tense. 

Run the middle of the tape and try not to hold the handrail, because it causes an unnatural posture. 

Remember the right outfit – it should not be too loose, but let it not restrict your movements. Also take care of the right running shoes. 

How to exercise on a treadmill? 

Training on the treadmill can follow a lot of programs. We can choose one of the treadmills available or control the speed and time of training. For beginners, the second option is more desirable because they can adapt the parameters to progressive fatigue and current needs. On the treadmill, we can also do training in accordance with one of the popular running programs described in books or on the Internet. 

The most optimal running frequency on the treadmill is 3 times a week for 30-60 minutes. Experienced runners spend much more time on the treadmill – it depends on the condition and the effects we want to achieve. Beginners are recommended to start training for several minutes and gradually increase the time spent on the treadmill. 

Always remember to warm up before starting the race. On the treadmill, we can simply start with a calm walk, gradually increasing the speed until we move smoothly to run at the level set by us. It is equally important to cool the body after training, i.e. cool down, which means that after the run, we should march a few minutes on the treadmill instead of quickly jumping out of it. 

You can not forget about stretching, or stretching after running! This is an extremely important element of the runner’s training, whose role is very often underestimated, which leads to serious and painful injuries. 


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