A very important element of the training plan is the proper arrangement of the exercises. Muscle parts should be so combined and trainings designed to use the full potential of the muscle.


  1. Training – how to combine parties?

When arranging a split training one of the most important elements is the order of exercises and the order of the trained muscle parties in the week. It is worth realizing that during chest training we also involve triceps and shoulders.

During the back training, biceps, and during the leg training, the back rectifier. For these reasons, divided training can not be arranged anyhow. It is best to combine in one workout those parties that complement or are antagonistic to each other.

For example, a chest with a triceps, a back with a bicep and a pre-arm, and legs with shoulders. This combination will give us the optimal use of muscle potential in training. Of course, other methods can also be used. Cage on one of the back training, shoulders with arms and on a separate leg session.


  1. What not to practice?

Avoid exercising in an ill-conceived manner. Do not train your triceps in front of your chest, because this will be an ineffective workout. The same situation applies to biceps and back. During the training of four-sided muscles and butterflies, arm flexors are involved.

Doing biceps in front of the back equals the inability to perform a good training session of the latter. Equally important is that you can not practice your back extensor before doing sit-ups. This can result in serious injuries.


  1. Where do the injuries come from?

Most training injuries are due to poor exercise or too much exercise. In the case of inexperienced persons, the reason may be a poorly planned training plan. Because during the training of the cage we engage the muscles of the shoulder girdle, it is easy to get injured if we do the exercises in reverse order.

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