One of the problems hindering weight reduction is the hunger between meals.Many people are unable to control it and reach for food, thus breaking the rules of the diet.Before deciding to give up weight loss, it’s worth trying to overcome your hunger, using the tips below.

Energy demand of the organism

At the beginning, it should be determined whether there is really excessive hunger or we have incorrectly assessed the energy needs of your body.In the network you can find many tables, presenting the optimal amount of calories depending on age and gender.Based solely on such data, it is not possible to determine the actual energy demand, because it also depends on physical activity, height and current weight.People who do physical work or intensive training need more calories than those who work mentally and are moderately active.It is a mistake to over-limit calories, because of the desire to quickly reduce weight.In this situation, the hunger becomes very annoying and makes it difficult to persevere on the diet, not to mention the health problems that may result from an excessively restrictive diet.Of course, you also can not afford to increase the daily dose of calories, justifying the greater energy demand when it is not true.

Balanced diet

The reason for hunger between meals may be an improperly balanced diet.The menu should not lack foods that provide the right amount of protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates.An important role is also played by fiber as well as vitamins and minerals, the deficiency of which may be responsible for hunger pangs.


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Careful selection of products

Food products can be divided into those that provide a long-lasting feeling of satiety and those that eliminate hunger only for a short time.The latter include products with a high glycemic index.White bread, sweets or peanut butter will give you a feeling of fullness, but not for a long time.The menu should include mainly unprocessed food that eliminates hunger for longer.

Appetite for selected products

The feeling of hunger is easy to mistake for specific products.We often think that we are hungry when the favorite snacks appear in sight.In the case of a desire for chocolate, cookies or crisps, the most important thing is to make it difficult to access this type of products.It’s best to remove all the snacks from the house so as not to obstruct your weight loss.

Eating emotions

Feeling hungry with meals is often associated with eating emotions.Some reach for food to deal with stress.Eating can also be a way to get bored.In this situation, the most effective solution to the problem is to find other ways to relieve emotions.Relaxation techniques, herbal sedative teas or psychotherapy may be helpful.If we reach for food when we feel bored, then it is worth considering how to use free time and look for a hobby.


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Among the supplements supporting slimming there are preparations to reduce appetite.These are products that cheat the brain, eliminating hunger and giving a full stomach feeling.Their action also depends on the regulation of blood sugar levels.These types of supplements are useful for people who really have a problem with excessive appetite and hunger pangs between meals.Many of them contain natural ingredients such as plant extracts or chromium, which is why their use is safe.

Of course, in the fight against hunger strikes is also a strong will, without which it is difficult to get rid of excessive kilos.A sudden change in eating habits is a shock for every person who has so far allowed himself to eat everything he wanted.Hunger pangs will be less painful if the diet is modified gradually.


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