Swimming is a great way to maintain a shapely figure and keep fit.

It evenly develops all muscles and is not as tiring as running or gym. And although you know that this is an excellent form of training, you still refuse to do it … Are you convinced that there are plenty of traps, from fungal infections and ending with a chlorine that destroys hair and dries the skin? You have nothing to be afraid of – most of the risks can be easily avoided! 


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I’m afraid of ringworm 

If you are careful, you will not get infected. Wear slippers in the dressing room, in the shower, on the way from the changing room on the edge of the pool. Do not borrow a towel from a friend. After swimming, wash your feet – you can use a gel with tea tree extract that is fungicidal. Then wipe the skin thoroughly – especially between your fingers. After coming home, wash the flaps with soap and dry them – this will prevent the development of germs on the footwear. 

Chlorine will destroy my hair and dry my skin 

It would be best to find a pool with ozone water. But if you do not have a choice and use a traditional pool, remember a few rules 

* Wear a cap that will at least partially protect your hair from contact with water 

* Use swimming goggles – thanks to them you will avoid eye irritation. If they are still red, let them soak in them 

* Wash your entire body and hair immediately after leaving the pool using shower gel and shampoo. Cover the skin with a moisturizing lotion and apply a conditioner to the hair. 

I will not be able to dry my hair 

This is a problem, especially if the dryers are only in the changing room. Drying your hair automatically lengthens the time you spend at the pool, which in some swimming pools makes you have to pay more. Look for a center where the dryers are already located outside the paid zone. You can also bring your own dryer and use it after leaving the cash register. 

What will I do there? 

Most modern swimming pools are full of attractions, water slides, whirlpools, water massages … In an ordinary pool you do not have to be bored. Change styles often, for example, for crawl, frog, and dorsal. If you do not swim well, ask the instructor for a lesson. An hour of study under the supervision of a specialist will give you more than 20 hours of lonely attempts to improve style. It is worth taking care of a good swimming technique – thanks to it you will not get tired. Take fins and board with you. The fins will help you swim faster and force your feet to work more intensively. The board will help you relax your arms. 

Why is it worth swimming? 

* You improve your fitness 

* You lose weight – by swimming with a crawl, you can burn up to 544 kcal in an hour (provided that you do not rest every time you pass one length of the track) 

* You evenly develop all your muscles and sculpt your figure 

* Relax after a stressful day. Studies have shown that swimming is one of the fastest and most effective stress-depressant physical activities 


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