Very often, similar absurd statements are found. There is no single muscle party that is the only one in the whole organism that is genetically strong. Most often, teenagers who talk about how they have strong genetically biceps do, for example, bending shoulders with barbells – cheating through the whole body (rocking) that it is possible for such people to damage the back during biceps training (excessive body tilting to a non-physiological position) i.e. overflow)! Most often, such a person squeezes 60-70 kg, and for biceps he does bending with a weight of 40-60 kg. Already this absurd proportion shows that it is not about any genetically strong biceps – but about the maximum cheating in deflecting the arms. 

If someone has a strong predisposition to strength, he is strong in every exercise. Such a player has a specific distribution of fast, slow and mixed fibers in each muscle – which makes him predisposed for either endurance sports (slow fiber dominating, ST = slow twitch oxidative, TYPE I, COLOR red) or force-speed fibers (fast fibers, FT = fast twitch, are divided into 2 types of FTa, FTb, generally TYPE II, COLOR white or white and red, FTa – fast, anaerobic fibers FTb – indirect fibers, but oxygen metabolism!). For example, sprinters have 76% of fast fibers in the calf muscle and only 24% of free fibers. In the long distance runners there is the reverse of 79% of free fibers, and only 21% of fast ones (source: Modern muscle strength training, II edition, Katowice 2010). 


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It used to be thought that the proportions of muscle fibers are constant and immutable, now scientists are questioning this view. It turned out that the appropriate training can be transformed part of the fibers – to become more aerobic or anaerobic. People who question it, probably never read new scientific research – here they are  

Each player has weak and strong sides, but even in those weak ones will be able to see strength. On the other hand, a person with no predisposition, exercising bad training, having a poor diet etc. – will be poor cross-section also in most exercises. 

An extreme example of model predispositions is the Russian, MIKHAIL KOKLYAEV. He achieves success simultaneously in weightlifting (he raises 240-250 kg, while the Olympic all time record in the tuck is 266 kg!), 3-power battle (he made MC 405 KG WITHOUT EQUIPMENT, at next competition 415 KG without equipment, squat 360 kg WITHOUT EQUIPMENT) and strongman (WSM World Champion 2010!)! 

In the 3-fight competitions, RAW, in Chelyabinsk KOKLYAEV, he got 975 kg in the 3-battling SUEDE 360 KG, ERADING 210 KG and THE DEAD OF 405 kg. What does RAW mean? Without bandages, a deadlift and squat suit – the equipment would add a lot of kilos to the result. FILMS FROM THE COMPETITION HERE http // / node / 10105 

For comparison, the world champion DANIEL GRABOWSKI in full equipment got 1072.5kg at the competition. 

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