The day lasts 24 hours, and you claim that you do not have time to prepare meals. If by the diet you understand spending half a day in the kitchen, you’re wrong. Check how to deal with the so-called “lack of time”.

Lack of time in 90% is just an excuse that the lazy ones repeat. Exemplary training lasts an average of 70 minutes, and the preparation of meals for the whole day about 40 minutes. So where does the remaining part of the day disappear? Most often in front of the TV or at the computer. In most cases, this is the kind of “lack of time” for a diet.

However, the truth is cruel – without proper nutrition you will never build your dream figure. The diet is an inseparable element of every bodybuilder. A well-arranged meal schedule will allow you to achieve the goal in the shortest possible time.

If you do not have ideas for the right dishes – look at the Denmark section for bodybuilders where you will find many examples of meals along with the way of preparing and decomposing particular macronutrients.


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Plan meals

Meal planning is a very important aspect when keeping a bodybuilding diet. This will allow you to save time on mindless standing in front of the fridge and thinking “what to eat now” and avoid situations where instead of properly balanced meals you will eat fatty Fast food. In addition, when observing meal schedules, you always consume the number of calories you have set for consumption on a given day.

Depending on the purpose – building muscle mass or reducing body fat, planning looks the same, but the effect is different. When increasing your muscles, you need to consume more calories, which means that you have to eat more from the first meal to be able to consume the entire calorific pot. However, when reducing, care should be taken not to consume all possible calorific supply in the first half of the day. When reducing your weight when the amount of calories is really small – arranging meals for the day is the best solution to not go hungry. Know that a well-written reduction diet, based on healthy products, will not make you tired.

The best way is to divide the required amount of calories into 5/6 meals at regular intervals. Of course, there are situations in which regular food every 3 hours (eg at work) is impossible. In this case, it is understandable that you do not have time for a meal. However, at work the average person stays 8 hours, and according to the law has a break of at least 15 minutes for himself. During this time, you can eat a large dinner. An alternative to lack of time during work can be a sheikh, whose preparation and consumption lasts 5 minutes.

I do not have time to eat every 3 hours because of work – I’m doomed to failure?

There are many old theories that sound like “meals eat at different intervals (preferably every 3 hours), with equal distribution of macronutrients.” Therefore, many people claim that they are doomed to failure because they can not afford such frequent breaks for food (for example at work). This theory has its own advantage, but it is also one of the biggest myths in the world of bodybuilding. The advantage is the constant supply of food to the body, which will not lead to starvation, and consequently – do not reach for snacks or ready Fast Foods. It is a myth that you will get catabolism if you do not eat at the required time. The release of macronutrients from food lasts many hours after eating. An example of a diet that totally contradicts this theory is Intermittent Fasting (IF). There are bodybuilders (even in Poland!), who base their diet on the principle of periodic fasting (both on reduction and mass).

If you do not have the opportunity to eat at work – spread the macronutrients from this meal for the rest of the meals during the day. In this way, you will provide the body with the required caloric pool and do not lead to inheritance. If, on the other hand, you have a coffee break – why not drink a Sheikh who can replace you with a wholesome meal? Remember – you can get out of every situation!

How much time does it take to prepare meals for the whole day.

It all depends on how you approach the preparation of meals. If every time you want to prepare rice with chicken, which takes about 20 minutes, you will lose over an hour for the dinners themselves. The best way is to prepare all meals one time. In short, you are standing in front of the counter and stove and preparing all meals at the same time. If you do not have time in the morning and during the day – prepare everything earlier in the evening. Such preparation will take a maximum of 40 minutes (if you are not an outstanding foodie). Prepared dishes are best stored in hermetically sealed containers. In this way, you will save a lot of time, which you can use for pleasure, and also eat what you should eat!

An unexpected exit / departure – what in this case?

If you suddenly have a situation in which you have to go for an extended, unspecified time, and you do not have prepared meals – put on substitutes for products. In practically any store you can get rice wafers + nuts + cottage cheese, which can replace the planned dinner. The rule is simple – if you do not eat an exemplary dinner – replace it with another wholesome meal. The examples of diets that you can compose are really many, it is enough to read the labels of finished products sometimes.


“I do not have time for diet” – it is most often pronounced by people who do not have too much ambition in relation to bodybuilding. The truth is that you’ll always find more excuses not to eat properly. However, if you analyze all these excuses – you will realize that these are only stupid inventions of your lazy mind. Training without a diet is like a car without wheels!


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