I was encouraged to write an article by a dietician who described the reduction of a woman weighing about 85 kilograms. She ate 2 meals a day which together gave her 400-700kcal. 

If you eat 1500, 1200, 1000 or less, be on a “yoghurt, beer or other diet and do not lose weight – this is an article for you. 


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What contributes to maintaining weight despite such low caloric intake? 

Every person in the world walk once thought about slimming, but only a small part of it approaches accordingly. The biggest mistake and unfortunately the most common is starving yourself. 

People practicing fasting diets most often consume much less than their demand, and they store calories in not many meals. 

Only one thought comes to our body in such moments – TO OUR! And he’s doing great at it. Everything works because of metabolism – the rate of biochemical changes, and the biggest role is played by hormones and enzymes. 

Changes occurring in the body are strongly slowed down. In short, this results in a strong reduction in the amount of calories consumed by the body. 

The concentration of hormones responsible for accumulating stores in adipose tissue increases dramatically. 

The concentration of enzymes supporting the processes of fat deposition is increasing. 

So as you can see everything is going to meet your assumptions. It is an unhealthy and unreasonable approach to slimming. 

How to get out of such a hole? 

Unfortunately, the solution is quite difficult to accept by slimming people, and the most by women. 

Generalizing, the body goes to accumulate body fat when the amount of calories in the diet is either too small or too large. 

The only solution in this situation is to increase the calorie consumption consumed during the day and to improve the quality of the products you eat. 

Of course, before the body “understands that starvation is no longer threatening him a few weeks – but this is the only solution and you have to accept it. 

Thanks to the increase in calories, the body will be able to rebuild glycogen stores (muscle and liver), which will contribute to weight gain. I play glycogen binds 3 grams of water which also contributes to weight gain. 

Slowed down metabolism, increase of hormones, enzymes supporting the deposition of fatty tissue caused by fasting will cause that for the first few weeks, a large part of calories will be deposited. 

It’s hard to understand, but it is. And if you want to get results, look nice, you have to start eating more. This is the only way. 

At first you can be overexposed, but it will subside with time. When the metabolism is expanded, the work of hormones will change, the attitude of the organism will change – it will be easier. 

Regenerated body after fasting and rebuilt glycogen will give you energy for life and activity. A very good form of activity from the point of view of fat tissue reduction is the gym. After learning the basic information about the training, it would be worth to do this form of activity. 


How to start?

– Increase caloric intake during the day, then increase the number of meals. 

– Try to eat as little as possible processed products such as brown rice, wholemeal noodles / from durum flour … and not their “white counterparts, eg white rice. 

– Try to eat vegetables with every meal. Watch out for tuber vegetables. 

– Do not avoid vegetable fats such as olive oil, linseed oil. 

– Buy in a trance pharmacy and add to the diet. 

– Use fish, meat, chicken eggs and dairy products as a source of protein. 

– Avoid frying products. 

– Be patient 

I hope that this simple, short article will allow even a small part of people who are hungry to understand how much mistake they make and change their course of action, for the better. 


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