Slimming is not easy, but thanks to perseverance and strong will everyone can realize the dream of getting rid of excessive kilos.Unfortunately, diet effects are not always sustainable.For some, overweight returns after 2-3 months from the end of weight loss, and in others the results are a little longer, but also disappear.If you are just finishing slimming, it is worth considering what is the cause of the problem and how to proceed to avoid putting on weight again.

Too fast weight loss

If the interval between the end of the diet and the re-growth of body fat is short, then you can talk about the yo-yo effect.It has various causes, but one of the most common is too fast weight loss, or the use of restrictive diets.An organism that receives too little calories and nutrients it needs starts to weaken.If after losing the desired amount of kilograms you return to the normal way of eating, the risk of accelerated fat accumulation is very high.The body accumulates supplies in case the adverse situation would be repeated.What’s more, metabolic system weakens, which is why he can not cope with the proper use of the food you eat.If you want to avoid this problem, lose weight no more than 0.5-1 kg per week.


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Bad departure from the diet

Another problem is the incorrect departure from the diet.If during a weight loss diet you used 1500 kcal, when the weight shows the desired result, you can not go straight to the menu supplying the right amount of kcal for yourself.The body has become accustomed to the current way of eating, which is why a sudden change could cause a new increase in body fat.To ensure your safety, increase the caloric value of the menu every week by 100-150 kcal.If you have used a low carb diet, you also have to include it in the menu gradually.First, reach for products containing not a lot of sugar, and then let yourself afford what carries more carbohydrates.Of the fruits of little sugar, for example, strawberries, blackberries and watermelon, and a lot of grapes, mango or lychees.In the case of bread, you can start with multigrain rolls and whole-grain rye bread, while avoiding kosher, ciabatta and wheat bread.If during the weight loss you used preparations supporting the metabolism or other dietary supplements, you also can not put them off overnight.

Return to old eating habits

Getting out of the diet is to reach the stage where the menu will be tailored to your needs, i.e. mainly for growth, sex, weight and physical activity.This should not be equated with the old eating habits that led to overweight.Confusing these two concepts is another reason for the re-increase in body weight.Keeping a slim figure requires healthy nutrition, so you have to forget about old habits.Returning to them is not always immediate.It happens that someone allows himself to eat a bar on a daily basis, after a while he includes a pizza into the diet, and after a few weeks, he reaches for a snack just before bedtime.In this way, you can be sure that excessive kilos will return, although not immediately.


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End of slimming and end of movement

With the end of weight loss, some give up physical activity.This is a big mistake, the effect of which may be the loss of the obtained results.Movement is necessary not only for maintaining a slim figure, but also for health reasons.So let’s look for the discipline that gives you pleasure and find time for regular training.It does not have to be the same sport you’ve been training while slimming down.Maybe swimming, dancing or running, for example, will give you greater satisfaction?

Change in caloric demand

Energy demand depends on several factors.When calculating them, one should take into account, among others, age and the degree of physical activity.In women, the moment in which to limit the amount of calories is menopause.The hormonal changes taking place during this time weaken the metabolism.This does not mean, however, that age is less important in men.In the 50-year-old, the energy demand is lower than in a man aged 30 or 40.Changes occur here gradually, in contrast to changes resulting from lifestyle.If you’ve worked physically so far, and now you spend 8 hours a day behind the desk, you also need to modify the menu, reducing its calorific value.Otherwise, you can expect to accumulate fat again.


There are several reasons for the return of excessive kilos after the end of weight loss.Some of them are associated with the diet used during the reduction, so you should be interested in the topic of the yo-yo effect before you start to lose weight.The risk of re-weight gain also exists when the diet is just a memory.For this reason, follow the rules of healthy eating and carefully observe your body, and if necessary, modify your diet accordingly.


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