Ice cream was supposedly invented in China during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), made of heated cow’s milk and goat’s milk, which then fermented, so the resulting mass was then thickened with flour, mixed with aroma with camphor and cooled before serving.

The biblical King Solomon used frozen beverages during the harvest, and Alexander the Great loved the honey-ice nectars and reportedly even organized special expeditions of soldiers in advance of the ice

In turn, the first wafer was produced in 1860 by an Italian, and patented in December 1903. At the same time at the world fair in America, in 1904, the Syrian seller of wafers began to roll them in the shape of a cone to help the neighboring ice cream seller. who unexpectedly ran out of dishes to serve dessert.


Ice cream – healing properties

Eating ice cream reduces the temperature in the throat, and it reduces swelling and accelerates the healing of the mucosa, eg after ENT surgery, during angina. just lick them.

One ball of cream ice cream is about 80 kcal, the cone is about 180 kcal. The Snickers bar is 260 kcal, Prince Polo wafer – 216 kcal, and the donut has at least 250 kcal.

Ice cream also improves well-being – They are a memory of summer, pleasant moments spent on holidays and evoke positive associations associated with sun, refreshment and joy, we also associate with childhood, are a bit like the symbol of this beautiful period of our lives, when they were rewarded for good behavior: common Sunday walks for ice cream with parents is one of the nice, most repetitive memories of all adults

In addition, the phenethylamine contained in chocolate stimulates the secretion of endorphins, which have a positive effect on our mood. Under the influence of chocolate eating, the production of dopamine in the brain also increases, which affects our emotions compared to falling in love


Worth knowing

Favorite ice cream

Sales specialists divide the ice into three categories: impulse, family and catering.The first, or individual portions (on a stick, in a wafer or cup), which we eat immediately after buying, are the most popular in Poland.Familijne is ice cream in a box, ice cakes and roulades.We have the opportunity to try gastronomy in a cafe, restaurant or ice-cream parlor.Sometimes they are even produced on site.We Poles are traditionalists when choosing the flavor of ice cream.Invariably, we eat cream, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.The bolder are our children who like to experiment with ice cream flavored with bubble gum or exotic fruit.They also appreciate unusual colors, such as intensely green or blue (the famous smurf ice cream). “

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