Do you think you do not eat much in the summer, but are you still eating? Take care – summer desserts can be fatal to the body, especially when we reach for it several times a week. Holiday trips are conducive to going after desserts, which at first glance seem to be harmless to the figure. Unfortunately, most often examining their composition dispels all doubts. Check what is the sweetness that we so eagerly reach for in the summer. 


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Iced coffee – a real calorific bomb 

Normal black coffee has virtually no calories. When we add milk to it, its calorific value gently increases. Otherwise, it looks like iced coffee. This beverage usually includes coffee, milk, cream; often milk is sometimes replaced with vanilla or cream ice cream. In some cafes, this type of dessert is additionally enriched with sweet sugar syrups. In this way, we can easily obtain a calorific bomb – with one such coffee we can easily absorb even 400 calories! Unfortunately, such coffee adversely affects our health. It usually contains a lot of sugar (from ice cream, syrups, sometimes also from various additives, for example from chocolate) and fats (cream and ice cream). Often it happens that we also order some dessert for frozen coffee, so an innocent afternoon tea turns into a really generous feast. Ice coffee drunk once in a while certainly does not do us much damage, but already reaching for it a few times a week can adversely affect the figure. It is worth remembering. 

How can I make frozen coffee not a threat to our appearance? If you do it at home, do not add ice cream. Pour the coffee in a small amount of boiling water, add cold water and if you want – a little milk. Then add a lot of ice cubes to it. And it’s ready! Such a coffee is not high-calorie and we can afford it a bit more often than the standard version with ice cream and whipped cream. 

Jelly with fruit 

It looks innocent and certainly many people associate with summer dessert. However, it is worth remembering that ready-made jelly has the composition of sugar. A glass of jelly is about 100 calories and more than 20 grams of carbohydrates. That’s a lot, especially when we add fruits to it. You do not have to give up this dessert – you just need to heal it a bit. Prepare jelly from gelatin and, for example, fruit tea. You can sweeten it a bit with xylitol 

and add fruits. Such a dessert will have much less calories and will also be slightly healthier by the way. It is not worth completely giving up gelatine, because it is a rich source of collagen. 

Ice cream for refreshment … go in the bacon 

Unfortunately, buying ice cream usually does not sue with a good composition. You can find very large doses of sugar, glucose-fructose syrup and hardened vegetable fats (eg hardened palm oil). If you do not want to completely give up the ice cream, choose rather handcrafted, prepared on a regular basis. You can also make a healthier alternative at home. In the network, the so-called nice cream, i.e. ice cream based on frozen bananas. You can add other fruits to them to vary the taste and coconut milk – it will make the ice cream more creamy. It is a great alternative to a healthy dessert also for children who in the summer often ask parents for frozen sweets. You can prepare a nice cream in two minutes, all you need is to have an adequate portion of bananas in the freezer. Just mix them with eg blueberries and it’s ready! Such ice cream is rich in vitamins and minerals and we can definitely reach for more often than after desserts available in stores. 


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