The issue of the impact of the psyche on training has been discussed many times, as well as any other matter regarding training – but it does not hurt to collect it a little bit and try to sort it out. 


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Regardless of our genetic predispositions, training and diet – there is always a moment in which we ourselves substitute the leg in our race for the form. 

Let us remember that even the strongest chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so we can be sure that our “power can be broken like a soap bubble whenever it releases our” weak link “. 

This is a rather more advanced art, because fears and locks increase as you progress. Nevertheless, it can get any of us – and be sure that it will always come at the least expected moment. 

Once, many years ago, something crunched, for example in the cross at deadlift. After a few days, it generally passed, but the fear remained. Whenever we approach those, for example, magical 200 dead, we begin to squeeze out. Yes, 180 kilos is not a problem, 190 too. I once could do a few series of eight repetitions in deadlift on 190kg – and 200 could not tear off the ground. The reason – the fear of “what can happen. In my head I was constantly whispering that “something could happen because” it is already a heavy burden and that “better caution. As a result, the body did not give a max, it just raised “so as not to raise. Just in case … 

As time passes, we get stronger and stronger, we assume more and more, we raise and … at some point we realize how much we have to raise. From this moment on the very thought that we have 200kg on our backs, or that we are holding 150kg over our head – we are uncomfortable. When squeezing in the bed we have the impression that we are holding a kiosk in the paws, during the squat we have the impression that the building has crushed us and during the deadlift we feel as if we were to extract the Titanic wreck from the sea. Instead of concentrating on the exercise – we focus on fear and fight with our fears. Instead of focusing on how to do the training “well” – we collect all the strength to do it at all. 

We exercise hard, go great, grow weight, grow dimensions, great. We are happy, we are adding, we are planning what great form we will be able to do … until we look back … This is like climbing. We go up without any problems until we look down. That’s when the fear of the murder starts, but I’ve climbed high, as if I have fallen now …. A flap skips over us and we start to panic that we will lose what we have worked out with such difficulty. If we have reached 8 reps on 120 on the bench, already on the eve of the cage, we start to tremble for fear that we may not go and that finally a day will come when we will only do the 7th Tragedy ready. We start to burn mentally before the training, we start to block and burn mentally, in the end when we have a weaker day – we start to combine, so that only “there were 8 reps. When we lack strength, we start to make bridges and other miracles. Bouncing starts from the cage, faster moves start, longer breaks. After a few months, the force will fall on m, due to the worsening of the cage, and then there is despair “****, so I zaped all the time – and down here instead of up. Then the time of coke or depression comes. 

I will not present a ready anti-ankle therapy, because it is an individual matter. However, I will try to show you what you can do to minimize the disadvantages caused by errors in approaching the topic. 

He comes to the gym for a few new ones. They try as much as they squeeze – they can not lift, they laugh. We look at them and wonder – how can you laugh at the fact that you can not lift something? After all, we would be ready to hang in such a situation in their place. 

Maybe this is the healthy approach – to laugh at it. It will be better next time. Sometimes we also have a day to have a day. Instead of being happy that we even did a workout despite a weaker day – we have 3 days to analyze your alleged “failure and mourn” lost 1-2 repetitions? 

We must understand that not every battle must be won to win the war. Sometimes the failures will be – because they must be. That’s why you have to focus on what you can do, that is, “to do the training well. If we do the training more accurately, if we strain the muscles better – then the strength will fall, because it must fall. Is this the reason for despair? After all, the training was better than before. If we focus on a specific, overly specific goal – then we can become his slave. 

Remember that to jump a bigger hole – we have to go back sometimes, if only to take a run. 

It does not make sense to weigh yourself several times a day or to look in the mirror every 10 minutes (I am so alone) 

one day it must be worse that the other could be better. As Don Garcia wrote, check periodically – for example, every week. The circuits also need to be measured every month. Measurements every hour are unnecessary, unless we were on a trip to Chernobyl. 

We go by bus. Of course, whenever we notice someone bigger – we immediately compare with him. If we think that it can be better than us – we already have a broken day. 

Whenever friends eg struggle and invite us to play – we treat it with deadly seriousness and we do everything not to fail. Hardly anyone could be beaten in jokes, for example, to make someone happy. I do not know if I could do it. I would be afraid of defeat, in the eyes of friends, in my own eyes … Stupid, but how true … 

In the meantime, not every situation in life or at the gym must be a record breaking, we do not always have to compare ourselves to others or ourselves. If we lose with each other, with someone or something – it does not mean that we are totally sucked and all for nothing. It’s time to put on the slack and save our strength for training – instead of comparing yourself to each and every time. 

In addition, sometimes it is worth to calm down and use various forms of meditation. Some laugh at it – but you can not build a powerful body with a weak head. Like a powerful tank, it must have a powerful engine. 


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