The problem of slowed metabolism affects many people. This is due to poor diet, too frequent reduction diets and a sedentary lifestyle. However, there are ways to increase metabolism and enjoy the disappearing fat tissue.

Physical activity

Being active is the basis for a good metabolic rate. Physical activity should be regular and take place at least every other day for 45 minutes. This is important because for the first 20 minutes 80% of energy is taken from glucose, then these proportions change. Aerobic exercises are important, but strength exercises are also recommended. Extending muscle tissue increases the calorie-burning rate because muscles need more energy to work.
Protein 80
Regular meals

For the body to function properly, it must have the energy it needs. If it is regularly delivered, everything is fine, but if it is not there, the body switches to saving mode and slows metabolism, which leads to overweight. It is best to consume 4-5 meals a day every 3-4 hours, then the metabolism works at full speed.

Eat breakfast

Eating breakfast is a very important element of every morning. In addition to providing energy for the whole day, it also stimulates the metabolism from nocturnal sleep. They should be eaten up to two hours after waking up.

Almond-coconut cream with honey

Do not starve

Fasting and restrictive diets lead to temporary weight loss, but also reduce the metabolic rate. To get rid of unnecessary kilograms and not to slow down the metabolic rate, you need to use a rational, balanced diet.

Capsaicin & Ginger


A man in 70% consists of water, so it must be gradually delivered to the body. Even small dehydration slows down metabolism. The amount that should be consumed daily, it’s 2-2,5 l of water. However, it depends on age, weight, and physical activity and atmospheric conditions.

Protein meals

The body needs more energy to digest protein – it causes it’s balancing the metabolism. For this reason, the protein should be found in every meal. However, you need to be careful with the amount of protein, because of too much strain the kidneys and liver.
Iso Whey Zero
Spicy spices

Capsaicin contained in chili pepper, black pepper or curry increases the thermogenesis of the body, which speeds up the burning of fat. Try to add spicy spices to every meal.

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