Stagnation is a very common phenomenon among people exercising strength. Most often it results from mistakes that they do not realize. The principle is simple – if there are no effects, you must find the reason. It may be in a place you would not think about. Check what you are doing wrong and eliminate it!

If you are reading this article, you probably already have experience in strength sports. As you know, the beginnings are always abundant in quick gains in strength. However, over time, they are becoming smaller, and in many cases the force simply “stays in place” in the world. Is there a way to improve your own strength results despite the downtime? Of course! Each record can be beaten, and the interval in which you can do it depends only on you. Check the most common mistakes that you can not increase your strength.

You eat improperly.

The old proverb “you do not reach increments by eating inappropriately” is completely true. It concerns building muscle mass, increasing strength as well as reducing body fat (without a proper diet). In the case of increasing strength – it is not possible for the strength to increase while being on the negative calorific balance. Strength training requires a calorific surplus composed of an appropriate division of macronutrients, not excluding any of them. It should be remembered that protein is the main building block of muscles, but it is not responsible for the increase in strength (protein intake in excessive amounts is found mainly in young adepts who, by increasing energy requirements, understand increasing the amount of protein in the diet).

“More always means better.”

Through more we can understand more weight, more exercises and longer workouts. Of course, this is a way to combat stagnation, but thoughtless stepping forward, not paying attention to the signs that the body gives us can contribute to the opposite effect than intended. Continuous progression causes exhaustion of the nervous system. That is why it is important to have moderation, and hence – do not strive forward at all costs. The implementation of the so-called “Weeks of rest”. According to this principle – all muscle groups are trained with 50% less load than before. In addition, the number of series is reduced by half. Of course, the whole lasts a week, which is a full training cycle. Such training will not allow you to decrease muscle and strength,and will greatly contribute to the rest of the body and the nervous system. It is recommended to take a week of rest once every 6 – 8 weeks (often a pretext to change training sessions).

“A well-known bodybuilder uses this training, so it will definitely be good for me.”

Not every workout is perfect for you. Using the training of well-known bodybuilders, you have to take a correction to their commitment. I mean the rate of regeneration, the level of physical activity outside the gym, nutrition, supplementation, doping and many more. Thus, for example – everyday arm training, which is referred to by a black American, known as a strength fighter, can do more harm than good. More does not always mean better.

Fatigue above all.

If your goal is to increase your strength, then training that excludes proper regeneration (breaks between sets) may prove to be ineffective. Rest between the series is just as important as training itself. Not giving a moment of sigh, running from the machine to the machine – this solution will certainly not contribute to breaking your own strength records

Of course, a strong training that will make you want to do nothing but rest is not a bad thing. However, training, during which you pay no attention, if only to sweat strongly does not cause that suddenly your strength will start to grow.

You’re impatient.

If you believe in supplements that will cause a twofold increase in strength and increase in lean muscle mass by 8 kg within a few weeks, you may be surprised. Remember that there is no magic medium that will make you a Hulk in a few months. There are also legal boosters that will help you achieve the figure of a professional bodybuilder within a year. The process of increasing strength is not a sprint – it is a marathon.

Your technique is like a newborn giraffe trying to stand on his feet.

Doing exercises concentrate on the correct technique, not on the maximum weight. Increasing the weight without proper technique will bring results, but to time. This solution can have two ends. The first one will be to reach the point where your body will say “enough” and you will not be able to jump over this stage. In this case, the only solution will be to return to less work and re-learn the correct technique. The other end is the injury that will result in a break from strength training.

You train only what is comfortable for you.

Of course – big shoulders and V-shaped back are every man’s dream. However, skipping any muscle part during training just because the other looks better during the pump, will never lead you to achieve your dream figure. If you want to emphasize one of the parties – try to put more emphasis on it, but do not let go of other muscle groups.

Comfortable training, or constantly repeated, favorite exercise combinations are also not a good solution. Muscles should be “attacked” on each side, so that they give them continuous impulse to grow and increase their strength. For example – Jay Cutler (4x Mr. Olympia) very often changed gyms, just to constantly send new stimuli to the muscles (as many companies producing fitness equipment – so many angles and settings can have a given machine).

You do not understand the importance of rest.

Theoretically, an average adult man needs 7 hours of sleep to fully rest. This is just a theory, in practice it looks a bit different. In this type of research, people who have average physical activity (daily walk, bike festivities etc.) are taken into account. People who train in gyms, especially those who lift heavy weights, can have much higher requirements for the daily dose of sleep. If your sleep is shortened and you keep “full speed” with the help of caffeine or other stimulants, then do not be surprised that your strength stays in place.

What is the part of the day outside of training like?

Strength training is a strong burden for the body. Any activity outside the gym can be a kind of barrier for you that can be jumped or can not be jumped. Let’s consider two examples. The first will be hard work on the site, 10 – 12 hours a day. The second one will be preparing for the marathon. Both of these activities, although one is made of coercion, and the other of pleasure will give the same effect when building strength. Namely, they can be a powerful barrier that will be difficult to overcome. With such an effort – the daily energy demand will be significantly increased. What am I going to do? The more physical activity outside the training, the more rest and more calories will require your body to effectively increase strength.

Focus on the basics, listen to more experienced.

Strong training aimed at increasing strength, positive caloric balance, regeneration and adequate supplementation should form the basis. If you omit any of these items, you may find it difficult to achieve your goal.

Know that you are not the only one who has a stagnation problem. Probably each of the “great” gym goers has gone through this. Do not be afraid to ask what has helped them. To what steps did they have to go to constantly overcome their own boundaries. Although the average “packer” is considered not very nice and wise, believe that in your surroundings there are certainly many experienced people who will be happy to help you.

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