The subject of insulin sensitivity or insulin resistance is more and more often discussed in the context of work on the aesthetics of the figure. Nevertheless, many people interested in improving weight and body composition still do not pay enough attention to these issues, focusing only on calories and adequate protein intake, assuming that other issues are of secondary importance and it is not worth bothering them. In reality, however, the situation looks a bit different. 


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Operating only the concept of energy balance in the context of working on the aesthetist of the figure certainly does not exhaust the subject. After all, it’s not just a different result on weight, but it’s about looking better. As everyone knows, you can weigh a little, and have a protruding belly and look disproportionate. You can also weigh much more while maintaining a slim waist and a very aesthetic silhouette. In practice, achieving the desired effect is possible only by reducing the level of body fat and, if necessary, increasing (rather than lowering) the amount of muscle tissue. Unfortunately, this is difficult to achieve without high insulin sensitivity. 

Insulin is an important hormone involved in the energy economy with anabolic and anti-catabolic action. The increase in its level in the blood improves uptake of amino acids by muscle tissue, promotes protein synthesis and prevents their consumption for energy purposes, protecting muscles from disintegration. It would seem that insulin is a tireless ally of both people who want to enlarge the muscles (works anabolically), as well as those working on the figure sculpture and slimming (works anti-catabolic). Unfortunately, insulin has several significant disadvantages, first, its increased activity inhibits the breakdown of fat, secondly – it promotes the deposition of stores within the waist in the form of adipose tissue, thirdly, it is relatively easy to disrupt the sensitivity of receptors reading the messages it sends.


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