What are the intervals? 

Interval training involves interweaving short periods of high intensity exercise with periods of less effort (regeneration). The latter are needed for the muscles to recover and regain strength before the next stage of intense exercise. 


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Who can grow intervals? 

Intervals can be done by anyone, because the type of exercise and intensity can be selected individually. The most important advantage of interval training is the fact that it allows you to burn fat tissue up to several hours after the end of exercise. 

What should the correct interval look like? 

Depending on the intensity of the training, we distinguish two methods of exercise – intensive and extensive. The intensive method is based on performing exercises, thanks to which the heart rate will gain 90% of maximum heart rate and introduction of breaks, allowing the heart rate to drop to 60% of maximum heart rate. 

In turn, the extensive method is characterized by less intensity of effort, but it is practiced so as to increase your heart rate to 80% of maximum heart rate, then we reduce the intensity so as to reach 65% of the maximum heart rate. 

How long does interval training take? 

Interval training (due to high effort) should not last longer than 25 minutes and not less than 5 minutes. It’s best to practice 2-3 times a week, keeping at least one day of rest. As you train, you can increase the time or intensity of your training. You can also change the type of exercises you do. 

How should interval training look in practice?

It’s best to choose your favorite type of aerobic exercise (running, cycling or roller-skating, jumping rope, swimming) and practice for a specific period of time, changing the intensity level of the exercises. 

How to make intervals at home? 

Interval training is a very convenient form of physical activity, because you do not need any additional equipment from its implementation. Another plus is that you do not have to leave the house at all, and you can do the training using the weight of your own body. It can be alternate running in place and eg squats, rompers or skirts. It is best to practice in the cycle – 30 seconds of a peaceful jog and 20 seconds of quick repetition of the aforementioned exercises. 

What are the running intervals? 

The most frequently chosen type of interval training is running with variable intensity. However, when you decide to run in the form of interval training, you have to prepare yourself to leave the comfort zone. Interval training has nothing to do with peaceful jogging. 

Each training should start with a warm-up. They can be composed of simple exercises that will start the body and prepare them for intensive training. Only after such an introduction you can go to the right part of the exercises. For running, the workout can include 30 seconds of jog and 20 seconds of fast run. If you feel that this is too intense, try splitting 90 seconds of jog / 20 seconds of fast gear. 

Perform about 10-15 series and make sure that the whole training time does not exceed 25 minutes. It’s best to start with short workouts, gradually increasing their time and intensity. 

How to do interval training on the treadmill? 

Intervals on the treadmill follow the pattern 

1. Warm up – go from a quiet walk to an intensive walk 

2. Run for 1 minute reaching up to 80 or 90% max heart rate, 

3. After a long, minute effort, run for 30 seconds so that your heart rate drops to 65% of your maximum heart rate (rest phase), 

4. Repeat the above cycle alternately 3 to 10 times, depending on the physical capabilities. 

What are the effects of intervals? 

The secret to interval training is that the pace of exercise is increased every 2-3 minutes. Thanks to this action, you go out of the aerobic zone and enter the anaerobic (anaerobic) training zone. Interleaving lower and higher heart rate pulses speeds up metabolic changes that result in faster fat burning, even after training. 

According to the research, after properly conducted interval training (lasting a maximum of 25 minutes) at rest 9 times more fat is burned than during moderate, one hour treadmill training. Thanks to this, after 4-6 weeks of regular exercise you will notice a distinctive slimming of the figure, strengthening the muscles and improving the condition. 

In addition, interval training positively affects the body strengthens the heart, promotes the formation of new coronary vessels, increases muscle strength and endurance, stimulates the secretion of happiness hormones. 


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