When fighting excessive kilos, physical activity is necessary.People interested in weight reduction more and more often pay attention to interval training, also called HIT (short for the English name of High Intensity Interval Training).

Initially, this training was intended for professional athletes, while its most important effects were the improvement of strength and endurance.With time, however, it was noticed that such training also allows a significant reduction in body weight.In a nutshell, interval training is a variable intensity workout, so you have to do alternating very low intensity exercises.Interval is the period of time that the exercise is performed with high, and later with less intensity.This training plan can be used for many sports.Its effectiveness is the result of stimulating metabolism and activation of fat burning processes.Importantly, the metabolism is improved even 24 hours after the end of training.The course of the training session depends on the protocol used.When choosing a protocol, you should consider your physical condition.Individual protocols differ in terms of intensity, length of intervals, as well as the relationship between work and rest.


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However, the rate of fat burning is not the only advantage and the reason for the high popularity of interval training.An important role is also played by the short duration of training sessions.Very good results can be achieved thanks to 2-3 or more sessions of one week.Therefore, interval training is an excellent solution for people who want to reduce their weight, but do not have too much time for physical activity.The advantages of interval training are also the improvement of the general physical condition and the fact that it can be performed in any place and without special devices.Intensity is important, not the type of exercise.This training can be used, among others, in the case of jogging, cycling, sit-ups, rope jumping and pull-ups on the stick.What’s more, it is considered that interval training increases insulin sensitivity and thus reduces the risk of developing diabetes.Not without significance is the fact that the reduction of body fat takes place without reducing muscle tissue.The effects of interval training can be even better if you use the appropriate dietary supplements. Supplementation with creatine and whey protein allows for faster expansion of lean muscle mass, while green tea extract helps reduce souring and accelerates regeneration.

The effectiveness of interval training depends primarily on compliance with all its rules.It is worth remembering that you should not combine it in one day with other workouts, for example aerobic.You should keep at least one day off between the training sessions.


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