Dietary supplements that support slimming often contain natural ingredients derived from plants.Inulin, among others, helps in the fight against excessive kilos.The association of this substance with weight loss is mainly based on the reduction of appetite, but it is also worth to know its other properties, thanks to which it has found application in supplementation and healthy cuisine.

Sources and acquisition of inulin

Inulin is a substance composed of a glucose molecule and a group of fructose molecules, classified as complex carbohydrates.It naturally occurs in the tubers, rhizomes and stems of some plants.It is a component of dietary supplements, fat substitutes, flour and gelatin.Most often, it is obtained from chicory and Jerusalem artichoke.As a result of the appropriate treatment, a white powder is formed, which is added to food and dietary supplements.In the health food stores and pharmacies you can buy inulin in unprocessed form, i.e. in powder or in the form of tablets.


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Easier slimming

Inulin should pay special attention during weight loss, because it is a natural substitute for fat.The possibility of replacing it with certain food products means that youdonothave to completely give up some dishes, which makes it easier to persevere on the diet.1.5 kcal is contained in 1 g of inulin.This dose is able to replace 4 g of fat, which provide 36 kcal.In combination with the reduction of appetite, this makes inulin an ally of a slim figure.

Effect on bacterial flora

As you know, metabolism depends, among other things, on normal bowel function.Also here, you can see the beneficial effect of inulin, which is a natural prebiotic, affecting the stock of good bacteria Lactobaccillus and Biidobacterium.Importantly, inulin exhibits resistance to digestive enzymes. The beneficial effect of this substance on bowel function is not limited to improving metabolism.Strengthening the bacterial flora translates into the work of the immune system, and thus the body’s immunity.According to scientists, inulin also weakens the action of an enzyme that is associated with hormone-dependent cancers.

Lower level of sugar and cholesterol

Inulin can slow the absorption of sugar from food, and thus reduces the glycemic index of foods.It also has a positive effect on the level of glucose in the blood. Eating it is therefore especially recommended for diabetics.Another group that can benefit from taking inulin are people with elevated cholesterol levels.This substance binds fatty acids in the intestine, which is why it reduces the amount of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.This means that inulin can play an important role in the prevention of atherosclerosis.

The use of inulin

The recommended daily dose of inulin is 20 g, or 3-4 tablespoons.It is best to start with smaller quantities, because of the possibility of laxative action in people who are not used to this substance.The culinary use of inulin is quite wide.During cooking, it takes the form of a jelly, so it is an excellent substitute for gelatin and other gelling and thickening substances.It works well when preparing homemade mayonnaise, sauce, soup or jelly.In the food industry, it is sometimes used in the production of desserts, yoghurts, chocolates and margarines.Although inulin is a carbohydrate, it is not a good replacement for sugar because it is not sweet enough.In confectionery, however, it is used to create icing and baking decorations.In the case of dietary supplements, inulin is an ingredient, among others, prebiotics and fat burners, for example, Machine Man Burner from Activlab.

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Inulin is a natural substance found in plants that can facilitate slimming, and at the same time shows a number of other health-promoting properties.It has been used in supplementation as well as in the food industry.The stores are available in a pure form, so it is possible to use it when you prepare the dishes yourself, especially in situations where it is necessary to densify the dish.


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