From time immemorial, people believe in scientifically unconfirmed theories. Some still believe that there is local fat burning from the torso – that is why programs such as the aerobic type 6 of the weider are so popular. I have often seen ladies spending half of the training on torturing the abdominal muscles. 


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Probably just as a large number of people believe that beer creates a beer belly. 

Scientists 1 checked if the theory of beer belly is real. As part of the EPIC study, from 7,876 men and 12,749 women, data was collected, among others habits. The relationship between beer drinking and the change in the waist circumference during the course of the year 8.5 was assessed (using multidimensional general linear models and logistic regression). 


At the beginning (at the beginning of the study) there was a correlation between drinking beer and the waist circumference – but only in men, not women, men consuming 1000 ml of beer a day were exposed to 17% greater risk of increments centimeters in the waist, compared to people who drink a little golden drink.

Women who did not drink beer had a much lower chance of getting excess centimeters at the waist, compared to the ladies who drink, even little alcohol, the reduction in beer consumption was related to the loss of centimeters at the waist, but not statistically significant, 


Drinking beer is associated with an increase in centimeters in the waist, but this is more due to the overall increase in weight throughout the body. The researchers did not find that beer caused the accumulation of extra pounds only in the torso. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the increase in body weight is influenced by a whole range of factors (including diet, lifestyle, physical activity, age, etc.), while the deposition of fat in the torso can be caused by inflammation, insulin resistance and metabolic disorders. 


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