Is it worth eating mushrooms?” Chanterelles, mushrooms, boletus, kites – Poles like mushrooms, know them and often collect them. Are they just tasty or healthy, rich in nutrients?

Forest mushrooms are appreciated only by some nations, and in some countries, such as Scandinavia, Austria and Belgium, no one will even bend over a beautiful, healthy boletus, where there are sufficient substitutes for forest fungi – grown on an industrial scale – mushrooms or oyster mushrooms. even those foreigners who do not have mushrooms in their traditional national cuisines, are happy to buy those exported from Poland, dried, marinated or frozen, and in Polish homes and restaurants they delight in mushroom ravioli, dumplings and chanterelles in cream.


Are the mushrooms healthy?

The nutritional value of mushrooms is controversial, some dietitians say that they provide seasonal dishes with taste and aroma, and that’s all, but there are those who attribute health benefits to them.

Interestingly, our sense of taste responds to mushrooms as well as to meat, which is why we often replace them with them, they are firm and very essential. They are great for soups, sauces, stuffing and as an addition to scrambled eggs.

Mushrooms primarily consist of water (contain it as much as vegetables), which is why they are low in calories, good for slimming people, but it must be remembered that they are also hard to digest, thanks to the building material – chitin, a multi-sugar with a chemical structure similar to cellulose, Chitins do not dissolve stomach acids, which is why the mushrooms first stay in the stomach for a long time, and then only pass through our digestive system, they provide us with a small amount of mineral salts, depending on whether the litter on which they grow is rich in minerals.

In addition, they contain vitamin A in the form of carotene (most of them have cocks – that is why they are orange), as well as significant amounts of vitamins B1 and B2. Other vitamins, including C, are found in trace amounts. Mushrooms are also a source of protein (intermediate between protein animal and vegetable).

Researchers argue to what extent our body is able to digest this protein, according to some, the most digestible proteins contain mushrooms and mushrooms, and it’s also worth knowing that there are many more mushrooms in young mushrooms than in old ones.



Every year, hundreds of people die from mushroom poisoning.It is worth remembering.The most famous hero of these sad statistics is the phylum amanita, confused with the young kite.Therefore, remember – never too much caution.And when a household member, even many hours after eating a mushroom dish, feels bad, will have diarrhea, vomiting, chills, immediately contact a doctor and tell him about the meal with mushrooms.If you have left the rest of the dish – take it with you to the doctor.Quick intervention can save your life.


How to collect mushrooms?

Poles consider themselves to be experts in mushrooms, they collect them willingly and often, because there is nothing more delicious than Christmas Eve soup made by picked mushrooms alone, but are we really able to collect mushrooms? Where do so many information about poisoning them every year?

Remember to collect only healthy, shapely, for which we have absolute certainty.If we buy mushrooms at the market, by the road or in the store, choose firm, with all the hat, always with the foot .It is very important that before preparing the dish, carefully inspect all .

Just one stray poisonous mushroom, or even its leg, and misfortune is enough.” That’s why every stage of preparing mushrooms for food should be watched by someone who really knows them, if we do not have any of them and know little, better, like other nations, buy mushrooms or oyster mushrooms.

The basic principle of mushroom pickers – you can not pick mushrooms in a plastic bag, it should be a basket or a lumberjack, remember not to destroy litter and mycelium – cut off the bottom piece of the leg with a knife or gently twist the root. It’s best to eat right away.If the mushrooms need to wait until the morning, keep them in the fridge, in an open container, preferably a glass bowl, so that they breathe.We peel dry, before washing and before cutting, because it is much harder to check and cut. all old, wormy, incomplete.

Prepared mushrooms should not be stored until the next day.If we have too much, we can remove, salt, marinate or freeze some parts.In a good cookbook we’ll find advice on how to do it.We do not wash forest mushrooms for drying, just brush or With a soft brush, we store the dried in a tightly closed container.


How to eat mushrooms

Children under three years of age and allergic to fungi should not eat them at all, let the rest treat them as a delicacy rather than food, that is, they eat rarely and really in small amounts. Do not give up the beans, celery or cucumbers, replace them with potatoes and lettuce, which will not dampen the fungal aroma.

Contrary to appearances, you should not combine fungi with alcohol.” According to some studies, it cuts in the stomach protein of the fungus, which becomes even more resistant to the action of our digestive juices.


Oyster mushrooms competition for mushrooms

Oysters are increasingly popular with folic acid and BD-glucan, which has anti-cancer effects, while Asian shiitake mushrooms are a source of cholesterol-regulating substances and have an antiviral effect. Mung fungi reduce blood clotting and improve circulation. Oyster mushrooms will be bought in larger stores and supermarkets.Mun and shiitake mushrooms must be sought in Chinese food stores.


Do it necessarily

Never ask children to clean up the collected mushrooms, unless you check each one before washing and cutting.

Teach you how to get to know mushrooms, how to collect them properly, explain why you can not destroy litter – it’s a great lesson of nature and great fun for the whole family.

Children up to the age of three should not eat mushrooms at all.

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