The possibilities to compose training plans can be infinite. Combining muscle groups, the number of series, the number of repetitions and the frequency of training – all this affects the successful training. So how should training plans be arranged for the best results?

Stacking training plans is not complicated. It is true that such a plan can be arranged by everyone, but a little willingness and a minimum of knowledge are enough. In this topic I will try to present the optimal ways of arranging training plans depending on the internship at the gym.

Training plans for beginners – the first meeting with strength training.

A very good training for a beginner or a person returning after a long break is training the whole body, so-called. Full Body Workout. This training includes exercises for all muscle groups during one training session. Why should this choice be the best solution for people starting their adventure with the gym? The beginner is not used to strength training, and thus – her muscles will receive a lot of stimuli from such training. Of course, such training should not be too large by volume for each party. In the case of larger muscle groups – 3 series for a given exercise will suffice, while for smaller lots – 3 to 4 series depending on muscle fatigue.


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Larger muscle groups that include the back and thighs – it is recommended to perform 2 – 3 exercises for each party. Medium parts, i.e. cage and shoulders – 2 exercises will be the optimal solution (in the case of shoulders, special attention should be paid to side actresses that do not work during training of other parties – for example, elevated lateral dumbbells or lifting the barbell to the chin). However, smaller muscle parts such as biceps, triceps, calves and stomach – one exercise is enough.

Why this difference in the amount of exercise for a given party? Smaller muscle parts work during exercises of larger parties. For example, during rowing – apart from the back, the back of the shoulders and biceps are also involved. Triceps and the front shoulder acton also work on the cage (especially on the slant). Therefore, there is no need to increase the amount of exercise for smaller muscle groups.

At the beginning of the adventures with the gym, it is recommended to train 2-3 times a week for a few weeks, but it is not said that it can not be several months. Listen to your own body and check how you feel after training. If you feel very tired you can continue practicing FBW 2x / week. However, if you feel unsatisfied you should go to a higher level in which both the number of series and exercises for a given muscle group will be greater.


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