Current nutritional trends mean that people implementing fashionable nutrition systems deprive themselves of significant nutritional value, thus providing much smaller amounts of amino acids. The use of light and low-fat products has the other side of the coin, which indicates that products of this type are loaded with GMOs, MSG and various types of artificial flavors and dyes. This makes that despite the desire to lose weight, our figure remains unchanged, because valuable foods that we do not eat in the right amount remain in the deficit of our menu.

As studies show, it is not necessary to avoid meals rich in carbohydrates or fat is the key to success. Sometimes it is worth picking up the amount of protein, which is rich in leucine amino acid. It belongs to the group of branched chain amino acids (BCAA), where its anabolic properties are guided in the professional literature. Leucine is responsible, among others, for the initiation of protein synthesis through the mTOR anabolic pathways, which are necessary for muscle growth to be possible at all..

What if you reduce fat?
There are many scientific studies that clearly indicate that increased protein consumption in the diet will directly affect weight loss. This is related to the fact that the protein requires a lot of energy inputs to be used by our body, rather than provides it in the calorific charge. Protein significantly increases the TEF coefficient, i.e. the thermal effect of foods, which translates into elevated thermogenesis. What’s more, the right amount of protein normalizes the lipidogram in our body, as well as the level of glucose.

However, now it has been proven that not only the level of protein itself is important, but the amount of leucine contained in the protein supplied to our body. Leucine not only protects our muscles and stimulates its growth, but also allows the use of fat stores in our body!

Looking through scientific facts, we can quickly conclude that leucine has a number of properties aimed at supporting the sports form. Its action manifests itself on several levels, which is a useful element of strength and strength sports. Researchers are full of hope that leucine will support the effect of muscle tissue maintenance in the elderly, which is good news from the point of view of maintaining their health and locomotion.

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