A quiet war is taking place on the market. She is bloodless, but anyone can be her deadly victim. It is a war between us – ordinary people who believe in the written word – and industrial concerns who know what to print on the labels. 


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The behavior of the line belongs to the duties of a modern man. However, it requires effort and sacrifices. A way has been invented to please the lazy and give them the feeling that they care about health. This satanic invention is “light”. They should have significantly fewer calories than their traditional counterparts. They are obtained by lowering the fat content or using low-fat raw materials and replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners. 

People gave themselves the idea that “light is dietetic food, or healthy. It is not so. Only abscesses glomons allow you to eat what you have eaten, and even more. So, soul, hell is gone. Unfortunately, “light” products can not be an attitude of healthy nutrition. To care for health, it is not enough to follow the label ‘diet product’. You need to have your own mind, learn to read labels more carefully, think logically and draw conclusions. And do not believe in advertising slogans. 


Zero fat 

The fashion for slimming caused that, as it were, we consider every fat to be unnecessary and harmful, because it provides a lot of calories. However, let’s not consider its suitability only in terms of energy. It is necessary for the body to survive and just as important for health as all other nutrients. He participates in life processes. 

Like protein, it is the building block of cells. It is used, among others for the production of bile, some hormones, vitamin D. 

Fat is composed of fatty acids. Some of them are the so-called essential fatty acids (EFAs). They are not produced by the human body and must be supplied in food. They occur mainly in vegetable oils and fish. 

One of them – linolenic acid – is needed for the skin. The liver uses it to produce arachidonic acid, which together with proteins builds cell membranes. If necessary, it is transformed into chemical compounds sent for immediate resolution of problems with blood pressure, blood clotting, cramps during childbirth, intestinal motions and the work of the immune system. 

Moderate use of fat is the most beneficial to health. Even if only in his presence the body can utilize vitamins A, D, E and K, fat-soluble. For this reason, the skim milk is defective and, moreover, less digested and absorbed. Low-calorie yoghurts and kefirs produced from it contain, in addition, unhealthy powdered milk, or oxidized cholesterol. Skinny cheese not only does not provide fat-soluble vitamins, but causes fermentation in the intestines (the semi-fat cheese is the healthiest). 

Recently, “dietetic mayonnaises and spreads of fats” have appeared on the market. Some have a very low caloric value (270-390 kcal) compared to normal margarine or butter (740 kcal). In low-calorie mayonnaise, fat is only 40 percent. mass, but this was achieved by replacing part of the oil with water and chemical thickeners. Reason suggests that it does not give him nutritional value. 

It is also worth knowing that vegetables should be eaten with the addition of fat, because it helps to absorb valuable carotenoids (lycopene and beta-carotene) to prevent heart disease and cancer. Without fat, these compounds will not be absorbed by the body. 

The secret of cholesterol. Even the cholesterol, a fat derivative considered as a villain, is essential to the body. It is part of cell membranes and other tissues. It participates in the production of sex hormones, nerve casings and synthesizing vitamin D. In addition, food does not directly affect the cholesterol level in the blood. Many people have blood levels that are too high, even though they do not eat fat. Because how we deal with the transformation and use of cholesterol from foods depends mainly on the lifestyle – whether we are moving, avoiding stress and stimulants. Thus, “cholesterol-free” products do not guarantee that the body will not put it away. 


Sweetness without sugar 

It is known for years that white sugar does not nourish, it only fattens and promotes the development of diabetes. Unfortunately, some people can not get used to bitter tea or coffee. By avoiding sugar, they use sweeteners instead. But they are also harmful! 

They are chemical substances 200-400 times sweeter than sugar, so they can be used in very small quantities, without increasing the calorie content of food. These include acesulfame K (E 950), neohesperidine DC (E 959), thaumatin (E 957), as well as saccharin (E 954), which has been withdrawn as carcinogenic, as did cyclamate (E 952). Currently, the most popular sweetener is aspartame (E 951), also known as Nutrasweet. Seemingly, it is innocent, safe, but the substances that make up its composition – aspartic acid, phenylalanine and methyl alcohol – are not innocent. 

In the brain of people who eat too often aspartame, especially together with carbohydrates, the level of phenylalanine increases excessively. In addition, it can be accumulated, which is particularly dangerous for the fetus. Aspartame should not be used by pregnant women. Too high concentration may lead to emotional disorders, including depression and schizophrenia. 

Introduced into the blood aspartic acid triggers a large amount of free radicals that damage nerve cells. Excessive consumption of aspartate (like sodium glutamate) leads to neurological diseases, causes stomach and headaches, migraines, nausea, tiredness, sleep problems, anxiety attacks, depression, and asthma attacks. 

The greatest risk is associated with the effect of aspartate (and glutamate) on newborns, children, pregnant women and the elderly. It can worsen the condition of people suffering from chronic diseases, including mental and neurological diseases (tumors, brain damage, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, dementia). In diabetic patients it can cause an increase in hypoglycaemia, convulsions and other complications. 

Methanol is a poison that causes headaches and dizziness, nausea, weakness, chills, numbness and stabbing pain in the arms and legs, behavioral disorders, as well as problems with hearing and seeing (even blindness). In the body, methanol decomposes into formic acid and carcinogenic formaldehyde. Note: a liter of sweetened drink with aspartame contains approx. 56 mg of methanol. And the acceptable amount is 7.8 mg per day. 

Doctors and scientists have found that the constant consumption of aspartame contributes to loss of memory and hearing, numbness of hands and legs, muscle cramps, weight gain, rash, irritability, heart tachycardia, insomnia, loss of taste, hearing loss, tinnitus, difficulty with breathing, anxiety attacks, indistinct speech, arthralgia, as well as seizures of epilepsy, hormonal disorders, and the functioning of the circulatory system and the secretion of insulin. 

“Dietary aspartame. A clear claim that foods containing aspartame do not eat a pregnant woman is the best proof that it is not safe. But because aspartame rarely causes acute reactions, we do not bind our ailments with eating sweetened foods. And we eat them constantly, because everywhere is full of carbonated drinks, chewing gums without sugar, breakfast cereals, breath refreshing pills, cocoa and coffee drinks, milk desserts, fruit preserves, including low-sugar jams, jelly without sugar, jelly and custards , cocktails, yoghurts, confectionery (chocolates, candy and small cakes), toothpastes, as well as multivitamin pharmaceuticals. All these foods and drinks are called ‘dietetic’ only because of the addition of aspartame. 



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