* Contain more than 4 grams of fructose per serving. 


Here you can find sweeteners – CLICK 



Avoid the following, except for a few concessions to breakfast 

– apples 

– bananas 

– cherries (1 cup) 

– grapes (1 cup) 

– mango (2 slices) 

– melons 

– oranges 

– pears 

– pineapples (2 slices) 

– watermelon (1 large piece) 


The following fruits have a low fructose content, contain less than 4 grams of fructose per serving. 

You can eat them, within the limits of common sense 

– apricots 

– avocado (1/3 of the average fruit, this is the fruit) 

– blackberries (1/2 cup) 

– panties 

– grapefruit (1/2 medium fruit) 

– papaya 

– peaches 

– plums 

– raspberries (1/2 cup) 

– strawberries (1/2 cup) 

– tomatoes (yes, it’s also fruit) 

* Annotation, the following values ​​were calculated by adding half the amount of sucrose to the total fructose content in a standard serving (eg a typical apple serving is 120 grams). 

Vegetables are much less fructose than fruit. The highest fructose content is in corn and sweet potatoes, but these are values ​​that are much lower than in fruits (1.2 g per serving). If you really want to limit the intake of this sugar, avoid potatoes and green peas. 


Bottom Line / Border 

Fructose can be one of the reasons why you can not get rid of the last fat you have been struggling with for weeks or even months. Before you start to steer clear of a wide arch is a vegetable stand, verify the food labels that you most often consume. 


Does your salad dressing contain HFCS? 

Do you add to the morning portion of terrorist-ketchup eggs that contain / sabotage your efforts / HFCS? 

Are you used to eating 100% natural products prepared with the addition of honey? 

If you eliminate all suspicious products, then pay attention to the fruit intake. Do not give up completely because they support you in the fight against free radicals that affect aging and muscle loss. Just choose fruits with a lower fructose content. 

Apples effectively fill the stomach, suppressing hunger, but also pacify the discovery of your six-pack. 


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