Many people torture thousands of crunches and do not achieve the effects they dream of – although this is to ensure quick fat burning. Do they practice badly? No, just belly-joints combined with other exercises involving the abdominal muscles are not enough to show the perfect six-pack! Local fat burning on the stomach is often discussed in this context. Does training for fat burning actually exist, or is it just a myth?

  1. Why are not enough bellies?

Well-carved belly is the goal of many people. In spite of their efforts, many people still do not see any satisfactory results. How is it with the fat in the abdominal area and exercises to eliminate it? Let’s start with the fact that the bellies themselves are not a good exercise when it comes to the abdominal muscles. Why? First of all, it is about the inflection of the lumbar spine of our spine and the strength that adversely affects the intervertebral discs (colloquially called discs).

In addition, when doing crunches, we forget about the most important function of our abdominal muscles. So first of all about stabilizing our body and maintaining a proper posture, not a slope. In that case, what are the most effective exercises when it comes to abdominal muscles? Multi-joint exercises forcing to maintain a proper posture such as squats, dead strings or rowing. It is also worth trying to work in isometry and in central stabilization and introduce into your training routine various varieties of planks that will reflect the work in the appropriate vectors. It all depends on our shortcomings. For some people, only squats and dead strings are enough, others will be forced to vary each session with exercises that involve more core muscles.

  1. Burning belly fat, or is there local fat burning?

Many myths associated with local fat burning have accumulated over many years. Some people claimed that it was possible, while others ridiculed such people. How is it really? Some time ago a study was conducted on a group of non-retaining women. They were divided into 2 groups, which were doing strength training for 8 weeks, and then immediately afterwards went to 30-minute cardio training. The first group, after exercises involving the upper body parts, performed cardio training on the rowing ergometer, while the second group after exercises involving the lower parties performed cardio training on a stationary bicycle. The results that were achieved were as follows: the first group lost much more fat in the upper regions of the body – the second group lost much more adipose tissue in the lower regions of the body.

If we only suggest this study, we come to the conclusion that local fat burning is possible, and if we want to burn fat from the stomach, we should do a few series of crunches before cardio training. This is not entirely true. This study was carried out on non-trained people, and as we know, such people have incredible potential. The results may be inaccurate.

Therefore, it is worth waiting for a study involving more experienced people who have been training regularly for a long time. I also think that we should not approach such revelations with great optimism, because it was the first such study and the results can always be burdened with statistical error.

In addition, it is quite common that when we reach a fairly low level of body fat, certain areas, depending on the person, remain unsatisfactory. This is quite normal. The lower abdomen, the two-headed muscles of the thighs or the lower areas of the back muscles are just some examples. A very popular method to fight with so-called resistant places is HIIT (high intensity interval training). Of course, remember that we are talking about a really low level of body fat.

In conclusion, there are some studies that suggest that it is possible to burn fat locally, but they were done on too small a group. Research needs to be repeated on a larger group of people to confirm this theory. Our body is built so that it always strives for balance and any deviations from the norm will try to compensate.


  1. What does the proper fat reduction process look like?

In the process of fat reduction, the caloric deficit is undoubtedly the most important. Whether we achieve it with cardio training or dietary changes, this is a secondary matter. Of course, neither extreme cutting of calories nor excessive number of cardio workouts is good. Therefore, we should find a golden mean and combine two methods. The process of reducing body fat should be first of all healthy for us, no one wants to get unhealthy eating habits and after finishing a tedious reduction, throw yourself on all the sweets of this world and end up with extra kilos in one day. In addition, it is worth controlling the weight, that is, not exceeding the 0.5% decrease in total body weight and if the weight falls too fast, add 100 kcal.During the reduction, you can also use appropriate supplements to improve our thermogenesis or those that positively affect our metabolism. For such supplements one can undoubtedly include caffeine, green tea or even spicy spices. There are plenty of examples of such products. They will not guarantee 100% faster results, but with a properly balanced diet and cardio training will always be an additional ally in the fight against unwanted fat.but with a properly balanced diet and cardio training will always be an additional ally in the fight against unwanted fat.but with a properly balanced diet and cardio training will always be an additional ally in the fight against unwanted fat.

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