Episodes of gluttony affect body weight and fat accumulation even when you manage to lose unnecessary kilograms.

Swedish researchers have found that a month of “polum” – increased calorific value of the diet and abandonment of exercise – is enough to even after two years feel its effects in the form of greater body weight and greater body fat.

Researchers studied the long-term effects of sitting, voracious lifestyle. 18 people for four weeks were instructed to abandon the exercise and a diet with a 70% higher calorie was recommended. People from the control group at that time normally exercised and ate. After four weeks, the body weight in the study group increased by an average of 6.4 kg. They threw the overweight over a period of no more than 6 months, returning to the weight from before the experiment. However, after one year from the end of the test, it turned out that in the subjects subjected to the experiment had a higher fat content than it was at the beginning of the study. This difference increased even more after the next year and a half. This proves that the four-week period of gluttony and laziness can affect the increased amount of body fat even after years of gluttony and return to exercise.

Consider, therefore, whether it is worth refraining from a healthy and properly balanced diet for some time. In order not to make big, nutritional mistakes, you can use our free diet analyzer tool, which will help you evaluate the nutritional value and calorie content of your meals.


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