Have you tried almost everything and you still can not deal with weight reduction? Are you constantly torturing yourself with restrictive diets that bring short-lived effects with a powerful yo-yo effect? Does your life look like a typical parabola consisting of periods of ascetic diet and panic gluttony?

Maybe this time it is worth trying to approach this problem a little differently and finally, deal with extra kilos once and for all? First of all, you must realize that in the case of reduction, the guarantee of success is not a quick loss of kilos, but a long-term lifestyle change and increasing dietary awareness. Get to know four simple rules that will make your reduction challenge a failure this time.

Make changes gradually
One of the most common reasons for your failure is to use too many stimuli at once. You’ve never trained, following any diet, restricted simple sugars and alcohol consumption? No wonder that if you suddenly start to train 5 times a week and follow a draconian diet, your body will rebel in the most normal way in the world. Apply the small steps technique and make changes gradually but regularly. Your body that is not adapted to the physical effort will respond quickly to even small stimuli. There is no need to throw yourself into deep water, where the probability of failure is much greater.

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Scout progressive tactics and implement it step by step, enter challenges every week, for example
a) limit sweets;
b) train every other day for one hour;
c) write a diet with a small negative calorific balance;
d) add one workout per week;
e) completely eliminate sweets;
f) train daily;
g) cut another 200 kcal from the diet.

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Turn up the metabolism

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A long-lasting hunger strike is the easiest way to slow down your metabolism. An organism that you do not provide food for about 6 hours begins to activate defense mechanisms on the principle of starving me, so I have to start saving. The principle of eating less, but more often, seems to be the most appropriate solution. Another way to boost your metabolism can be to eat protein in every meal. From time to time it will be beneficial to make a cheat meal in exchange for a weekly diet (this will increase the level of leptin – satiety hormone, which drastically decreases during a long-term diet, hindering further weight loss). Make sure, however, that one meal that goes away from the diet does not turn into a cheat day, cheat week or cheat month.

Do not set yourself on fast weight loss
You did not take 20 kilos for one night, so even the best-chosen diet and training plan will not cause you to burn them in one day. The rate of losing weight is an individual process and depends on many factors, including the amount of body fat, sex and how sensitive you are to exercise stimuli and diet.

For example, a 90-kg man with 20% fat in physiological conditions is able to burn about 1 kilogram of fat per week. In turn, a 50-kg woman with about 14% body fat under physiological conditions is able to lose about 0.5 kilograms of fat per week. It is easy to guess that if the weight drops too fast, then along with the fat we will also lose a lot of muscle tissue. This, in turn, is associated with a decrease in the basic metabolism (each kilogram of muscles is an additional 75 kcal necessary to nourish the muscle, which you can eat with impunity, with the certainty that it will not postpone as fat tissue).

Say your diet and plan your tactics
For many people, the diet is associated with fasting and food and a rusk a day washed down with black coffee. Meanwhile, nothing more wrong. Unadapted to nutritional principles, the body will respond well to small restrictions. For starters, simply eliminating simple sugars, limiting alcohol or giving up alcohol will bring satisfactory results.

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Dismissing the diet should be just the next step. A well-planned diet should have a solid tactic. Determine what your behavior will be when the kilograms stop going down and do not be taken by surprise. A good move would be to establish a small negative caloric balance of 200-500 kcal from the basic metabolism in order to increase it along with the duration of the diet. A slim and healthy-looking silhouette is a dream of many of us. However, the struggle with kilograms is often difficult and does not bring the expected results. It can not be concealed, however, that our bad habits and frequently unconscious mistakes contribute to this state of affairs. So what to change in your lifestyle so that your dream figure becomes a fact? What are the truths and myths about weight loss?

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