Yoga for a good sex 

Kundalini is the potential of sexual energy in the body, located in the lower back in a triangular area between the belt and the tail bone. In other sources, one may find that the Kundalini energy cluster is the chakra below the navel, just above the genitals. To strengthen your sexual energy, you should try the following exercises 


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1) Stand opposite each other in a slight stride, with legs slightly bent in your knees. 

2) Make a deep breath. Imagine that with each exhalation, you sink deeper and deeper into the center of erotic energy. 

3) Close your eyes. Slowly breathing in the air, lift your head. Let your hands rest freely on the sides. With the exhalation, leave your head again. 

4) Exercise energy release, sitting side by side or facing each other, looking into each other’s eyes and breathing at a consistent rate. Open the arms and wrap them around the partner, initially without touching. Then gently grab your shoulders and breathe together for several minutes, feeling the erotic energy flowing from body to body. 

5) Stand against one another in the distance of your outstretched arm and grasp your hands. Slowly crouch. Sitting on your heels, you breathe lightly supporting each other thanks to the joined hands. You will feel the Kundalini energy developing in your bodies. 

6) Now slowly rise together. With this, the Kundalini energy will rise in you. Perform the crouching and standing cycle rhythmically. After a few repetitions, concentrate on the coordination of breaths. Repeat the whole exercise several times. 

Exercises for her 

This set of exercises will help you strengthen your sexual energy and intensify your orgasm. The first three stages are designed to develop the flexibility of the pelvic muscles of the woman and to strengthen sex drive. Do exercises regularly and you will see the first effects after just 2 weeks. Improving your pelvic muscles and stimulating erotic confidence to warm up, do your favorite exercises, such as jogging on a treadmill, riding a bicycle, rhythmic dance or other exercise. Exercise for 10 minutes. While exercising, think of something exciting with your participation. The movements should be sensual and seductive. 

Strengthening and developing pelvic muscles for erotic aerobics, add sensual hip circulation. Stand in place, foot spacing at a distance of half a meter, slightly bending your knees. Lower the abdomen forward. Put your hands on your hips and sway your hips vigorously right and left, back and forth. 

1) Try to get Kegel muscles clamped while inhaling and hips pushed forward; when exhaling – loosening and pushing towards the rear. Perform 10 fluid one-way rotation and 10-second rotation. 

2) Kneel down on all fours. Pull the torso forward, leaning mainly on the shoulders and unfastening the buttocks. Hip for 3 minutes from side to side or back and forth. Make cat’s movements, bringing your torso and head closer to the floor – loosen the neck and shoulder muscles and move the sexual energy flow along the spine. 

3) Tighten Kegel’s muscles and breathe in, lowering your head, then relaxing your muscles as you exhale. Exercise in this way for 5 minutes. 

4) Kneel on all fours with your chest tilted. Release the buttocks. Relaxing the muscles of the chest and back, sway vigorously forward and backward through the pelvis itself for 3 minutes. 

5) Then relax your pelvic muscles and stretch your body, supporting yourself like a predatory cat on your shoulders. During this move, inhale and tighten the buttocks slightly. Visit the back torso again transferring the weight of the body to your knees. Inhaling the air, relax the pelvis and buttocks. Exercise in this way for 3 minutes. 

6) Now go to sensual dance. Regular dancing for 15 minutes 3 times a week improves circulation in the pelvis. Dance to the rhythm of your favorite music, diversify it with the scent of legs as high as you can. Start with light force, gradually increasing their intensity. Dance in this way for at least 5 minutes, reaching 15 when you have more time. 

7) When you feel slightly excited, massage your thigh and crotch area with gentle movements. The thought that you distribute the state of arousal to the genitals and the entire pelvic area. Do not interrupt the massage during an orgasm, imagining that its waves are spreading all over your body. 

8) The last stage – silence sit down with crossed legs, close your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply. Breathing, concentrate your thoughts on the erotic experiences we have just experienced. 


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