For people who react very badly with large amounts of carbohydrates or increases in muscle mass, are also burdened with large increases in body fat, I have some solution, maybe not new, but as the experience from the gym shows very good. How does this diet look like in practice? 


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Basic assumptions 

– For the calculated energy demand, we add from 800-1200 kcal 

-We supply the supply of carbohydrates from 100 to 150g (15% of kcal from the diet maximum) 

-Protein from 2 to 2.5 g 

The need for fat is the need 

-30% fat comes from monounsaturated fats and 30% from polyunsaturated fat is saturated and possibly MCT 

-We do not charge, for example, on CKD 

-A good option is the cementing of vitamins and minerals (3-5 g of salt and 3.5g of potassium and a minimum of 600-800mg of magnesium is recommended on a diet) 


-Creatine (any form) 

-BCAA (optional) 


-Vitamins and minerals 

-Omega-3 in capsules 

-NO boosters (in stack with creatine or separately) 

An example of a menu 


– Scrambled eggs on Bacon 

-Sałata, tomato 

-Omega-3 1 g 

Breakfast 2 

-Pork chop 


-Olive oil 

-Omega-3 1g 


-Makrel / pork neck / chicken / salmon 

-Spoon with egg 

-Italian nuts 

Before training 



After workout 


-Beef steak 


For night 

-Tuna/ casein based protein recipe 

-Olive oil 

As you can see the diet is tasty and simple, it is characterized by the lack of processed and unhealthy food which can only result in improved health. This is not a cheap option when it comes to valuable for individual food products but as it happens in life for something. Of course, the diet is only an example without giving weight but shows how to build a full-day menu. 


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