Fashion does not only apply to the clothing, cosmetics or automotive industries, but also to the culinary industry. Every year, world kitchen experts and food lovers usually meet and discuss the trends of the past year and predict what is likely to be “on languages” in the coming months.

What has become part of our this year’s food interests?


What is ramen? It is a traditional Japanese soup with ramen noodles and toppings. In Polish cuisine, we rarely hear about this dish. Meanwhile, it has rich taste qualities and a lot of properties beneficial to health (to a large extent it consists of vegetables). Ramen recipes are many, and therefore diversity in the kitchen guaranteed.


For years, people have been talking about the beneficial effects of pickled vegetables. This year they were celebrating real triumphs. They taste great both in salads and eaten without any other culinary company.


It was popular the previous year, but the analysis of Google’s search engine statistics showed that hummus was becoming more and more popular every day. Hummus is a spread, made from boiled and grated chickpea seeds.


It’s about “shaved ice”. Water or water with flavored syrup (with sugar) is frozen and then scraped into a plastic cup or wafer. This delicacy is especially popular in Asian countries.


Contrary to popular belief, the paleo diet is not just meat and vegetables. In the near future we should expect to pour out recipes for waffles, muffins and various stuffing for vegetables or meats.


Who does not know this vegetable? For a long time trying to sneak into our favors, and this year he is going to succeed. It can be a vegan main course, form part of a pizza dough and replace more calorific mashed potatoes.


Many people regularly eat spicy foods, especially meat and vegetables. In 2017, however, chili and its like we added to ice cream, yogurt, waffles, tea, etc.


So far, it has been used in detoxifying the body and in relieving indigestion. Some companies included him in the composition of fruit juices.


Yes. Insects. Everyone has heard about grasshoppers in chocolate. In some countries, eating insects is neither shocking nor disgusting. Well … In our case, it is most often associated with an emetic reflex. It seems, however, that it is time to get used to the “insect”. Especially that it contains many valuable proteins. And it’s fashionable.


Of course, the usual white salt is the most popular. This year, however, it is recommended to choose a flavored salt, e.g. garlic, herbal, pepper, celery, pepper, etc.


We still drink green tea, but we choose this Japanese, powdered version. You can drink it and add desserts, noodles, cocktails, etc.

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