Many of us will spend a picnic at home. Instead of sitting in front of the TV, it is worth actively using this free time. It is also a great opportunity to catch up with family arrears. There are many physical activities that can be performed by the whole family. 


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How to actively spend a picnic? 

Picnic is a great time for active rest. There are many possibilities in the city. You can rent a pitch with your friends and play volleyball or basketball. Another idea is a tennis court. The cost of renting a sports hall depends on the place and standard, so the price can range from 100-500 PLN. 

What sports for the whole family? 

During the May weekend, it is worth choosing sports that will allow us to enjoy the spring aura. It is a great idea to choose your whole family for horse riding. 

Horse riding has many advantages – not only health benefits. In her case, it is also valuable to contact with the animal, which positively affects our body and spirit. The price of a single ride varies from PLN 30-50. 

Another idea is the swimming pool. Nobody needs to be convinced about the benefits of swimming. For children, a swimming trip to the swimming pool will surely turn out to be great entertainment. 

A bike is also a great idea. This activity has a very positive effect on our body. It stimulates blood circulation, and during a long-lasting ride our body gets oxygenated. However, before you go on a bike ride, you should take care of safety (check that the bike is working and put on a helmet and protectors). 

A great picnic is a family picnic in the park. To actively spend time, you can go on a bike for a picnic and play boomerang or frisbee on the spot. However, it is important to remember about hygiene. Before we sit down to eat, it’s worth to wash your hands with a special hand disinfection liquid that can be bought at any pharmacy or store. 

What else can you do on a picnic? 

A long weekend may also be a good time to get to know your own city or neighborhood better. Hiking is a good idea. 

Larger cities have trips that allow them to get to know their history better 

The cost of a guided tour around Warsaw is about PLN 120-200. 

You can also start exploring the nearby monuments on your own, for which we usually lack free time. 

If we do not want to spend time actively, it is worth reaching for an interesting book. It is important to rest not only physically but also mentally during those few days off, and regain strength for the next long months of work, especially since the weather is sunny outside. 


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