On the one hand, hydrochloric acid is a strongly corrosive substance that must be handled with caution. It is used in industrial production for leather, PVC, you can also use it to remove rust from steel or iron.
On the other hand, hydrochloric acid (HCl) helps us digest the food we eat. The mucous membrane in the digestive system protects us from the corrosive acid. We often think that we have too much acid in our stomach, but in fact there is not enough of it, and the fault should be placed on the mucous membrane, which does not protect us sufficiently. 


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Demand for adults for vitamins, minerals and other components is stable at the age of twenty. Unfortunately, our ability to digest food and then absorb a wide range of nutrients such as folic acid, vitamin B12 decreases with age. Interestingly, one of the reasons for reduced absorption of food with age is the low level of hydrochloric acid production in the stomach. 

Hydrochloric acid allows you to digest proteins, it is also responsible for the activation of enzymes and hormones important to your body. It also protects against bacterial growth in the digestive tract. Gastric acidity (achlorhydria gastrica), or the disappearance of gastric acid and its low level are very common gastric problems, unfortunately in most cases undiagnosed. Depending on the location and level of health care, the percentage of 40-98% of the population suffers to some extent from the lack of hydrochloric acid. 

The most common symptoms can include heartburn, indigestion or bloating. In addition, chronic complaints such as allergies, asthma, or cholelithiasis are associated with impaired gastric juice secretion. Even symptoms of senile dementia can be multiplied by the absence of the acid mentioned. 

Hydrochloric acid breaks down large pieces of food into smaller molecules. Contrary to the wide popularity of neutralizing agents or reducing gastric acid levels, their level is essential for both health and the optimal functioning of our body. When you block the secretion of stomach acid, you limit the absorption of nutrients, while creating an environment conducive to the development of diseases. Even if you do not take medications, our ability to secrete acid decreases with age, which has been confirmed by research over the last 70 years. 

The right level of stomach acid is the first step. Before you start analyzing the level of your body fat, the amount of carbohydrates consumed, proteins, make sure that the level of hydrochloric acid stays at an optimal level. Food, not supplements are the basis for the functioning of your body, but if you can not digest protein, assimilate minerals, where in this logic? 

Before buying expensive supplements, check the level of your stomach acid. It makes no sense to buy them when your body is unable to absorb them.
Before you start analyzing the number of series, repetitions, the pace in your programs, make sure that you have the right level of hydrochloric acid. If your body can not absorb skeletal muscle building ingredients, you do not get too much in return when investing a lot of time and money. Again, I refer to the first step. 

Testing the stomach acid level 

During a regular meal (not fluent), take one Digest Force capsule (200 mg HCl). Continue by raising the dose one capsule at each next meal, until you feel the heat radiating in your stomach (like after drinking a hot drink) DO NOT EXPOSE THE SADDLE OF CAPSULES USED ONCE. After you have determined the dose followed by the feeling of warmth, reduce it with the next meal for one capsule (proceed until you reach one capsule, add a crowd). You have just estimated how much hydrochloric acid your stomach should secrete spontaneously, but this is not the case. Smaller meals may require less stomach acid, and of course larger volume of obviously more HCl. You should immediately feel the difference in the form of less bloating, rebound and indigestion. 

This small change in your programs can bring amazing effects. The protein that never got to your muscles is suddenly broken down into smaller molecules. Carbohydrates that could give you energy are now digested and ready for use. The healthy fats that are needed to build the membranes of your cells eventually have the chance of being used. Expensive supplements that have been taken and excreted are finally digested and released into the body. 

In addition to all the benefits, hydrochloric acid protects you against the bacteria Helicobacter pylori, which mainly contributes to the development of stomach ulcers. There are a few other things to look at, such as digestive enzymes, but the first step is to get the right amount of stomach acid. It may sound too beautiful, but it really makes a big difference. 


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