Cold health water will add, and the meat will give strength – as children probably often heard it. Is meat, however, definitely adding strength? And if so, is this the only product that provides high endurance and muscle building? We decided to check it out! 

According to (almost) universal opinion, you have to eat meat to have strength. This applies to both women and men. Strength understood as energy needed to perform muscular work, however, also comes from carbohydrates. Proteins, which are abundant in meat, play a building function and participate in the processes taking place in the body. They are necessary for muscle regeneration and also for building them, but they do not provide direct energy to the body. 


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Muscle strength – what determines it? 

Muscle strength is the ability of the motor system, which is determined by factors such as genetic predisposition, physical training and diet. Properly matched menu provides the body with the right amount of nutrients and supports the process of muscle regeneration after training. However, the protein itself is not enough. A significant effect on muscle strength are also vitamins and some minerals and other substances affecting especially the endocrine and nervous system and improving the assimilation of ingredients. There is no doubt that the diet improves muscle strength – both temporarily and in the long term. 

Meat gives strength – as a source of protein 

The association of meat with a product that provides strength is mainly related to the fact that it is a source of wholesome protein. During the building period, the protein intake should be about 1.8-2.5 g per 1 kg of body weight. About 20-25% of the daily caloric intake should come from proteins and it is the best from wholesome ones, i.e. containing all the amino acids. Plant protein as defective is not associated with force at all, although it also provides iron and B vitamins. 

Not only meat is important 

It is a big mistake to stay convinced that the most important ingredient of a meal is meat. It is also very important that the meal contains carbohydrates and, what is interesting, saturated fatty acids. It has been observed that lowering fat intake can lower testosterone production. These types of hormonal changes, on the other hand, are an obstacle to the development of strength. Similar results were observed in the case of reduced consumption of saturated fatty acids. 

Meat as a remedy for a drop in strength 

Not only training people strive to improve muscle strength. Seniors who want to avoid sarcopenia – a decrease in muscle mass under the influence of the aging process – also take care of maintaining it at an optimal level. This process in people leading a sedentary lifestyle can begin even after the age of 40. Researchers conducting studies on the development of anti-sarcopenia treatments are of the opinion that no better method has been found so far than exercise and a healthy diet. Large amounts of protein should be found in the menu, while their sources should be low in fat. The recommended dose of protein is 0.8 g per 1 kg of body weight. According to some researchers, the recommended protein dose is 1-1.5 g per 1 kg of body weight. 

The role of meat in building muscle strength is related to the fact that it is regarded as the best source of protein. The proteins contained in the meat are well absorbed, and also full of value. What’s more, they combine with iron and vitamins from group B. The full protein, however, is not only in meat. In addition, not only wholesome proteins are needed to improve muscle strength. Therefore, the view that only meat is a source of strength is wrong, and too generalized. 


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