You’ve probably heard the phrase “men lose weight faster than women” and this is unfortunately not an empty phrase. How is it that women count every kilocaloric in their fever, exercise regularly, and show results at a snail’s pace? Researchers show that men have a greater advantage when it comes to lowering unwanted kilos. What does it affect and is there any possibility of equalizing this “injustice”? Answers to these questions will find in the article below …

Why do men lose weight faster?

The first factor conditioning a faster effect in the process of slimming men is that they are simply bigger. Typically, the weight loss process starts with a greater body weight than women. This means that even if food intake or physical activity is the same, men will burn more kilocalories than a woman lighter than him.

However, in the case of the fairer sex due to the occurring monthly cycles, there are hormonal changes. Menstruation has a big impact on the amount of fluid held by the body, which can cause weight fluctuations. Often, along with menstruation, there is a growing pain in the abdomen, underbelly, breasts as well as nausea and vomiting. This often excludes participation in any training plans.

Fat storage

Women usually have 6 to 11% more body fat than men, which, according to a study by the University of South Wales, was associated with a higher level of estrogen. This is to ensure proper fertility, followed by proper fetal development and lactation.

They burn more fat during exercise compared to men, but the decrease in the amount of fat accumulated in the body is not adequate to the number of workouts. A woman may have a slender figure and normal body mass despite a higher fat content than men. Due to sex and related biological, hormonal and fat differences, it is stored in a different way.

The advantage of the fair sex is, however, that they are characterized by an even distribution of body fat in the body. Meanwhile, men tend to accumulate in the abdominal area. In turn, visceral fat, located deep in the abdominal cavity, is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cancer, etc.

Weight gain and the environment

It can be said that the challenges posed to women by biology – hormonal fluctuations, fat accumulation, and also social standards are not helpful in obtaining a dream figure. The stereotype that women should focus solely on aerobic exercise during the slimming process, ie running, dynamic marches, aerobics and others, unfortunately still functions and makes it difficult for women to exercise. While men carve their figure, they use a variety of sets of strength and strength exercises. The final result is that it is the gentlemen who build more muscles that allow them to burn fat and kilocalories.

Another important and necessary element of the weight loss process is the appropriate nutrition plan. Tailored to the individual’s needs, caloric needs, lifestyle and health. The menu prepared for a woman will be different from that for a man. In the first place due to other caloric needs of the diet, as well as due to nutrients that are of particular importance for a given sex, e.g. iron for women.

What then should be done to “catch up” with men?

Although ladies can not influence their growth, their kilocalvorous burning capacity may increase, by building muscle mass. The more muscles, the greater the use of energy supplied with food, even when sitting or sleeping.

The good news for women is that their journey to achieve a dream figure, despite being a marathon and not a sprint like in the case of men can also end in victory. Although men can start the “race” with a clear advantage, the Lord in terms of the amount of lost kilos catch up with their “opponents.”

In the British study, a group of women and men started one of four popular slimming plans. After 20 months of weight control, it turned out that men lost twice their weight and three times more fat than women. However, within the next six months the amount of lost kilograms was the same for both sexes.

Differences occurring in both women and men should not become an obstacle to achieve the set goals – sculpting the figure, losing extra kilograms or improving well-being. We are different, we are characterized by different abilities, skills, but it does not absolve us from working on ourselves, heavily burdened with streams of sweat. Soon we will present how to fight unwanted kilograms in simple steps.

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