In the pursuit of fitness improvement, of course, training will help, but the most important thing is to be active. Even the simplest action helps to burn extra calories. So use the stairs instead of the elevator. Park the car a few streets away so that you have the opportunity to take a little stroll. Watch TV and get up from the couch and start exercising. 


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Before each workout, do not forget about a short warm-up, thanks to which you will avoid injuries. After the exercises, take a moment to stretch your muscles, which will give you a chance to avoid sucking. 


It is not without reason that spring runs are filled with jogging enthusiasts. Running helps burn calories (up to 500 calories for half an hour), while strengthening the muscles of the legs, buttocks and, interestingly, the abdomen. It is a sport for everyone. It does not require any equipment other than comfortable shoes. You also do not have to overcome the marathon route – start calmly, from short distances, like three kilometers, if necessary break the run with a march and enjoy the endorphins flowing into the body. The time of day is of no great importance for the health properties of running, but remember that the sooner you skip training from your plan, the less chance you will give up during the day. 


If you want to play a sport that will allow you to stay a little alone with your thoughts, swimming can be what you are looking for. A visit to the swimming pool is much less troublesome for men than for women. They do not have to worry about washing up the make-up, and hair drying usually takes the men less time. Swimming is a general developmental training and healthy for the spine. You can burn up to 500 calories for one hour of intense workout at the pool. Although even the smallest portion of traffic is beneficial, to notice an improvement in swimming training, visit the pool two or three times a week. 

The gym 

Contrary to appearances, at the gym there are only muscular men without fat. What’s more, it’s the perfect place to start your adventure with physical activity. Positioned in one place, aerobic equipment and strength training machines will allow you to burn calories and work on the development of muscle tissue in one session. 

Although the gym pass is usually not cheap, it often includes the advice of a professional trainer who will tell you how to get fit. 


Most men are hard to convince to visit a fitness club, which is a pity. In the offer of such places we can find not only women’s classes. Examples of exercises that may also appeal to men are the magic bar – barbell and spinning exercises, a group riding on stationary bikes. 


Riding a bike can be not only a workout, but also a way to spend time with friends or family. Especially since spring is behind the belt. One hour of cycling will help you burn up to 680 calories. 

Team sports 

In addition to the desire to burn calories, you also feel the need to compete? You can try to organize a volleyball, basketball or football match with your friends. Find a pitch or rent a sports hall and play, enjoying the growing condition and company of friends. 


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