Turn from a bicycle to metabolic complexes. 

It has been scientifically proven that they burn more fat than low-intensity aerobic exercise performed at the same time. Transferring over 6 tons requires our high energy consumption (50 kg bar – 3 sets of 6 deadlift repetitions, 3 sets of 6 repetitions of squats, 3 sets of 6 repetitions of rowing, 3 sets of 6 repetitions). 

At the complexes you can not let go, you have a 90 second break around the perimeter and 8 exercises made on the way to complete. It is a very fast and effective way to sculpt the body. During aerobes on machines you can cheat, no one rides a bike for 60 minutes at the same pace. Here you do not have the opportunity! 

Metabolic complexes also have a number of advantages over aerobes. 


– increase the volume of training 

– increase muscular endurance and speed 

– increase calorie consumption 

– cause EPOC (after training calorie burning – as in the case of HIIT or TABATA). 

– reduce the risk of muscle loss 

– they are not as boring as 60 minutes of pedaling on a bicycle 



You take a barbell or dumbbells in a secluded place at the gym, next to it you put a towel and a large bottle of non-carbonated water. You put on the barbell about 50% of the maximum weight for a given number of repetitions. You choose 4 complex exercises and take it! 




You raise the barbell, do 8 repetitions of the front squats, then 8 repetitions of the Press press, then 8 repetitions of paddling and finally 8 repetitions of squats. Only at the end you can put the bar down on the ground! It’s one circuit, you wait 90 seconds and do the same variation again. 

Nobody said it would be easy. One thing is certain, it will be very effective. 


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– When we want to replace boring cardio exercises 

– When we want to increase the endurance for a given sport 

– First of all, when we want to burn fat effectively. 

How it is to the schedule of the week will be presented below. It is best to set a separate day for metabolic complexes, free from strength training. 

Monday Top of the body 

Tuesday Bottom of the body 

Wednesday Metabolic complexes 

Thursday Top of the body 

Friday Bottom of the body 

Saturday Metabolic complexes 

Split for 3 days 

Monday Split 

Tuesday, the metabolic complex 

Wednesday Split 

Thursday metabolic complex 

Friday Split 


Another method of making metabolic complexes is to add a metabolic complex to a given part of the body after strength training of the same part of the body on a given day, but in a smaller volume than proposed, recommended only for split training. Three exercises of 8 repetitions done in 3 series should do the job if you still feel unsatisfied. 



Strength training of the cage, followed by a complex of 8 repetitions made in 3 circuits 

50% MC 

Squeezing flat 

Squeezing dumbbells 

Pumps on the ground 



Here the rules are slightly different than in the case of ordinary complexes, you can regulate the weight (even you need). We start with the heaviest exercise (the heaviest weight), in turn the intermediate exercise and finally the exercise without weight. 


Okay, let’s go to the hundredth! Examples of metabolic training. You can combine how you only dream. I will try to present you some suggestions that are worth testing. 


Olympic complex 

It will consist of exercises used for lifting weights. Very effective and effective. It requires a good technique to do exercises and high strength. 



Romanian deadlift 


Front squat 

Press-throw (push press) 

Back squat 

Two circuits of 6 reps and 90 seconds of break and you have enough of everything! 


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Bodybuilding complex 

Four circuits of 20 repetitions (if you do not manage to get up so many times on the stick, do the maximum number of repetitions) – 90 seconds of break. 

As you can see, you can create metabolic training at will. The only thing that limits you is your imagination and available equipment at the gym. 

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