Metabolism – what exactly is it? 

As we read in wikipedia, metabolism is “the entirety of chemical reactions and related transformations of energy occurring in living cells, constituting the basis of all biological phenomena. These processes allow the cell to grow and reproduce, manage its internal structure and respond to external stimuli. In short, metabolism is the amount and rate of calorie burning to sustain life. 


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Construction type and metabolism 

The slowest metabolic rate is characterized by endomorphics. People who are ENDO easily catch muscle mass and fat tissue. They need less calories to maintain a constant body weight. Their metabolism is the slowest of all other types of construction. It is usually endomorphic that have problems with overweight, which is difficult to get rid of. 


The greatest enemies of our metabolism. Diet XXXkcal and fasting. 

Many people think that if they do not eat anything, they will lose weight quickly. Unfortunately, it is not. In fact, diets type 1000kcal worsen the situation. They burn our muscles (which directly affect the metabolism) and often even the adipose tissue grows. The weight falls, but it is a temporary illusion. First of all because our body has been adapted for very severe conditions for millennia. Therefore, his reaction to fasting is to slow down metabolism. It releases, among others burning in the mitochondria, and the small amounts of food supplied are put on “in case of fat tissue. 

There is an even worse thing ahead of us. Known and awesome yo-yo effect. After returning to normal nutrition, the body wants to accumulate supplies for “worse times. Therefore, our metabolism is released for a long time and unused food is deposited into adipose tissue. 

The amount of muscle tissue determines the speed of metabolism. 

Our muscles have the greatest influence on our metabolism. The more muscles we have, the more calories our body burns in order to nourish it. It burns 25 times more kcal than fat, even when you do nothing. Each kg of muscle burns about 40-50kcal. Therefore, if you have never exercised, it is worth doing a few kg of muscle before slimming. The rate of our metabolism will increase, which will then facilitate our reduction. For sure we will also look better. 

Strength training, anaerobic and tabata as keys to rapid metabolism.

The best type of training from the point of view of our metabolism is strength training. Well-made strength training (high intensity, free weights – preferably no machines at all) increases the metabolism to 38h after training. One of the better ones for this training will be Full Body Workout. 

The second training that significantly raises the metabolism is interval training. HIIT training has a very good effect on EPOC (excess postexercise oxygen consumption), therefore calorie burning occurs after exercise. We will not achieve this in the case of aerobics. In addition, the human body after a few sessions of aerobic training gets used to it and to achieve the goal we have to do it longer and longer. In the case of HIIT training, the adaptation is much harder.

Number of meals 

The amount of meals and breakfast is also very important. During sleep, our metabolism slows down. To speed it up and “awaken, a solid healthy breakfast is important. Breakfast must account for about 30% of our calorie needs and should consist of complex carbohydrates with low IG and whole proteins. It turns the metabolism for the whole day. Not eating breakfast is the biggest mistake. It is also important to not wait long and do not starve the body for a long time – metabolism then slows down. 

Instead of eating 2-3 large meals that mollify our metabolism, we should eat small portions of meals every 2.5-4 hours. Frequent supply of food to the body keeps our metabolism at maximum speed. The body knows that it has constant access to food. At least 30g of protein should be present in every meal. The protein burns twice as slowly as carbohydrates and fats. 

Water – an underestimated hero

Water is an element of a diet that is often neglected by many people. Especially those who are struggling with the problem of weight gain. Hardly anyone realizes that all reactions occurring in our body depend on water. These reactions also include metabolism, or actually its rate. Research conducted by the University of Utah shows that when we are dehydrated, we burn 2% less calories. “The study showed that people who drank 8 to 12 glasses of water a day had a much faster metabolic rate than those who drank only four glasses a day. German scientists have found that drinking 500ml of water can speed up the metabolism by 30% for 10min, after which the rate of this acceleration decreases within 30-40min. 

It is known that during the reduction is different with our well-being. Dehydration can only make our condition worse. Symptoms include dizziness and headache, dry mouth, impaired vision, drowsiness. The darker urine, the more we are dehydrated. 

A large amount of water also helps in getting rid of harmful waste products. It has been known for a long time that fatty tissue stores toxins (among other things, there are tumors called ‘Fatosis’ – a digression). When we burn the fat, the toxins are released. 

Thyroid – let’s take care of iodine 

Thyroid is a 30g butterfly-shaped gland that weighs about 30g. Thyroid produces hormones, thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), stimulating systemic metabolism, oxidation and heat production in the body, and cholesterol metabolism. 

It is known from now that the thyroid is responsible for the rate of fat burning. The hormones mentioned above are responsible for this. In short, explaining the thyroid is responsible for the burning of fats and glucose at the cellular level. However, for the thyroid to be able to use its hormones, it must have the right amount of its “fuel, iodine. That’s why we have to take care of the right level of iodine. It is best not to take any synthetic tablets, and get it from marine fish, for example mackerel, salmon or herring. Replace the kitchen salt with iodized salt. 

Tricks and Tips 

Here, I will write a few simple methods to make our metabolism go all the way nice. 

– Drink large amounts of water. The best iodine (Taja), iodine supplement and hydrate the body. 

– Cyclic changes in protein intake. “If you reduce the intake of protein for a day or two, the body tries to maintain the state of anabolism by more efficient retention of nitrogen, which is a protein component and affects muscle growth. When normal protein intake is returned, the body retains nitrogen to a greater extent, which leads to increased growth potential that affects metabolism. Try to eat 1.76g of protein for one or two days a week, then return to regular consumption. Remember to eat healthy fats these days and add more carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, such as brown rice or oatmeal. Again, your appearance will tell you how often to use this strategy. 

– Drink coffee, green and black tea. Drinking green tea and coffee causes burning for 3-4 hours more by 50 kcal. 

– Drink cold water – In order to raise body temperature, the body has to burn calories. Cold drinks reduce the temperature of our body. Thanks to drinking a few glasses of cold water, we can burn 10kcal more per day. They are calories burned for free, in a month they can give us about 280 kcal. 

– Do not be afraid of spices, especially sharp ones. For the fact that most are healthy, they also increase metabolism. Chilli is especially worth recommending. Adding chilli to a meal can increase the metabolic rate by 23% for one hour. Garlic and pepper work similarly. Ginger, cinnamon, basil, oregano, tarragon are spices that speed up digestion. 

– Cleanse your body of toxins and parasites – Cleansing the body, well carried out can have a very good effect on our digestive system. A body cleaned of toxins generally works better, while getting rid of parasites (According to WHO, 90% of people in the world have a parasite), we can clear our intestines and stomach. 

– Eat a lot of fiber-rich meals. Fiber affects the metabolism and thus speeds up the metabolism. 

– Eat a lot of vegetables. Vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals, they help turn energy into food. If you can not eat vegetables, try to get supplements. 

– Do not be stressed. Find a way to eliminate stress quickly. Stress causes an increase in the level of the adrenal cortex – cortisol, which lowers testosterone levels and increases the storage of fats. 

– Spend yourself and sleep at least 8 hours. It is scientifically proven that people who sleep less quickly, which is caused by a slowdown in metabolism. 


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