Method 5-10-20 


Will present an example of a plan for the frame. 

We perform the first exercise in the scope of 5 repetitions, it is to be a multi-state, typically strength exercise such as ‘Squeezing a bench in a bench on a horizontal bench’, after completing a series of 5 repetitions of press-out, we move quickly to the next previously prepared position. 


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The second exercise we are doing consists of 10 repetitions, this is to be a basic exercise that will stimulate maximum muscle growth, for a cage, for example ‘Squeezing a dumbbell when lying on a bench’. 

After doing this exercise, we move to the 3rd position, we should choose a typical shaping exercise, that is isolated, for the cage, I recommend “crossing the lines of the upper lift, standing the gate we perform this exercise in 20 repetitions. In total, we train 3 maximum 4 such series combined, with breaks of 3-4 minutes between them. 

Such a cycle should last no longer than 6 weeks, we train the muscle parts once a week. We practice other groups rather lajtowo ‘sustain’. 

Of course, this system can be used to train other groups, not just a cage, I do not recommend practicing small parties like biceps or triceps, it’s easy to overtrain in it, it is not training for beginners, of course. 

I hope that it will be useful here and help someone break the stagnation. 

and for example, I have to do 5-10-20 klate on Mon 

and e.g. a triton triter series 1 e.g. 15 reps. 

aw back 5-10-20 and bic 1 × 15 

Friday 5-10-20 legs 3 × 10 



may be? 

Can I substitute it with some other exercise instead of crossing the lines? 

replace it with plots on flat 

Once a week instead of split exercises? or as additional exercises, apart from split? 

Crossing the lines of course is best replaced with spines on the bench with a negative angle-head down 


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