Military Fitness Trainer – a training invented by Greg Plita, who will make you doubt your own skills. It allows you to burn fat, build muscle mass and create a new, better version of yourself. It shocks the so-called giant series, as well as the way to do exercises, combine exercises with weights with training with the mass of your own body and effects.

I used it myself, but due to the lack of time I practiced only once a day. I will say below about the program’s assumptions. It allows you to recompose the figure, improve endurance and endurance. It’s based on the assumption that the harder you are tired, the more you have to give. After each workout, the muscles burn mercilessly and you feel like falling on your face

1. What is MFT 28

It is a training program developed based on the training of special units. Aiming to burn fat, build muscle mass and improve strength and attack muscles in a way that could cause serious injury to a person without training experience. The program is intended only for advanced users.

2. Training assumptions

The training program closes in 4 weeks, which is a real challenge. We should practice properly in the morning and evening, doing exactly the same training – but with the difference that the morning session is strength training and evening cardio training. In the morning, when we have a full supply of energy, we attack the muscles with large weights and fewer repetitions. In the evening, the reverse is a large number of reps and a small weight. The system is divided into 5 days plus one day, which is to be non-standard.

Before starting the program, we must do a fit test that will show us the form we are currently in. We will do the same test after the end of the 4th week. The first day is a frame training consisting of 7 giganties series, also using drop sets (increasing repetitions along with reducing the weight during one series). The second day is an attack on the back. On the third day, we exercise barges.

The fourth arms are biceps, triceps and forearms. The fifth day is the day of legs. We also train abdominal muscles every evening. On the sixth day we can go jogging, swimming, cycling, playing basketball or football. And of course, Sunday is a free day in which we regenerate. The program is very demanding and I do not recommend it to anyone who has not been training for at least a year. One of the assumptions of the program is also an appropriate diet based on supplementation.

3. Adjust the training

The goal is simple. Great results after just 4 weeks of training. Because we train both in the morning and in the evening – it’s worth getting acquainted with a few tips about this program

strength training in the morning (higher loads, fewer repetitions), in the evening a less-demanding workout with more repetitions;

regeneration is the basis and absolutely important is sleep (8 hours is the minimum, preferably 10 hours) and supplementation;

– feeling overload, change the number of evening workouts from 5 to 3 per week.

4. Cardio

In this training plan, we forget the generally accepted meaning of the word cardio. We have a fat-burning workout to do. It is worth to diversify it by making gears with obstacles, playing basketball or football, but also CrossFit or tabates.


5. Supplementation

The basis for regeneration and effects in this and any other workout is nutrition and supplementation. We should stock up

in protein, which will supplement cavities in strained muscle fibers. After the morning training, we eat the isolate, and after the evening exercise, casein. Creatine will be invaluable as a supplement that increases strength and increases our energy resources.

Omega-3 fatty acids play a role in the regeneration of the nervous and bone systems and increase the body’s immunity. In addition, they help burn fat. Glutamine – an amino acid, which to a large extent consists of muscles, is responsible for their regeneration.

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