The more effort, the better the results 

Sitting in front of the TV, people complain that no magical drug has been found to reduce body fat. It seems that magic will not help here, at least for now. Even the most sophisticated methods of getting rid of fat tissue do not guarantee “healing from it without intensive strength and interval training. Part of any training program that involves the reduction of body fat should be superseries and series to break down the movement, because thanks to them the metabolic rate remains high even for a few hours after the end of training, which promotes fat burning 


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You can lose fat without losing muscle 

To keep muscle mass during fat loss, it is necessary to compensate for any loss of muscle mass by taking protein from the outside. And not only proteins! For healthy training, calories in carbohydrates and fats are also needed. The nutritional proportions should be 30-30% carbohydrates, 40-50% protein and 20-30% fat. 



Cardio needed immediately 

Interval training should last from 20 to 30 minutes and be performed immediately after strength training. Its purpose is to “turn up the metabolism to cause intense fat burning for a few hours after the end of training. Interval training is about interlacing sprints (cycling or walking) with a march. According to researchers, cardio training should be done 2-3 times a week, and regardless – 2-3 traditional 30-minute aerobic training. If you prefer to do cardio in the morning (which is a bit worse, but also beneficial), you should never exercise on an empty stomach. It is best to consume 10 grams of whey protein before such training. Japanese researchers have found that the consumption of amino acids before cardio training results in much better fat burning (whey protein contains amino acids, but can be enriched with additional supplementation). 


The virtue of patience favors success 

The onset of fat loss can usually be observed in the third or fourth week of interval training. So you have to be patient, but later the tissue loss happens much faster because the body “has caught a new metabolic mechanism that has been introduced into its system of functioning. 



Fat in the diet is essential 

It’s best to choose for yourself such fat products as salmon, nuts, seeds, avocado and olive oil. Lack of fat in the diet causes our organic macro-food store to become overloaded with carbohydrates or, what’s worse, our hard-earned muscles serve as fuel from which the body draws its energy. Healthy fats, for example vegetable oils (oil, sunflower seeds, linseed oil) help in digestion and transfer to the bloodstream valuable nutritional content, protect joints, lower cholesterol and help to reduce body fat! One study shows that eating a handful of almonds a day is very helpful in reducing body fat around the waist. After 24 weeks, in which two groups were tested experimentally, it was found that fat reduction in almond amateurs was 50% higher than in a comparable group of people who did not eat almonds. 



What happens to excess calories? 

They are stored in the form of body fat if they do not constitute a source of fuel for work. If we do not exercise every day, we have to watch out for the IG factors (glycemic index), because the index value of carbohydrates is the determining factor in the amount of body fat in our body. Just in case, the majority of carbohydrates should come from slowly digested sources – whole grains, beans and other vegetables. The only exception to this rule is the time after the end of training, when it is necessary to level the glycogen level, consuming quickly digested carbohydrates (preferably in the form of a nutrient in which the carbohydrate to protein ratio is 9010). Slowly digested carbohydrates plus a high protein diet always lead to a faster loss of fat. Thus, chicken breasts, fish, eggs and similar protein foods can be eaten without worrying about increasing fat stores in the body. 



Raise a lot, rest briefly 

Researchers found that a bodybuilder who uses the weight for exercise, which allows him to perform only 6 repetitions in a series, increases his metabolism much more than the one who performs 12 repetitions. Larger weight burns more fat! When lifting heavier weights, more fibers are involved in the work, which in turn causes more calories to be burned. Other studies show that the length of breaks between series is also important. In the best situation are those whose rest lasts 30-60 seconds, but here is the difference, because those who rest only 30 seconds have a chance to lose 50% more body fat than those who rest 60 seconds between sets. 



Let’s enjoy the benefits of caffeine 

According to the researchers, caffeine is not only a good fat burner, but even “the queen among smokers. It mobilizes free fatty acids in the blood during exercise, so you can save the glycogen in your muscles. Scientists encourage the first thing after waking up to be 100-300 mg of caffeine, the same amount an hour before training, so that the body takes on the properties of a substance fighting against fat. It is clear that people who have problems with their heart or circulatory system should discuss the issue of caffeine with their doctor. 


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