This feature should be particularly taken into account by people 

– at the age of 10-15 who want to start strength training, 

– people exercising for some time who want to go to more advanced or heavier training methods 

– people who want to go back to training after a break or are just starting to train. 


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It is one of the motor skills entering into different relationships with other abilities 

constituting an indispensable element of every physical activity. It is conditioned by an enormous number of various physiological processes, and the most important changes occur in the most loaded systems, i.e. circulatory, respiratory and movement systems. 

This ability plays a role in every sport discipline (in short-term, cyclical competitions, swimming, in combat sports and team games and extremely long-lasting disciplines). 

The biological basis of durability is physical capacity. The endurance of the body (its efficiency) consists of several physiological functions 

– metabolic protection of physical work 

– the ability to transport oxygen and energy substances 

– the ability to remove metabolic products 

– thermoregulatory efficiency of the organism 

– neuromuscular functions 

– water and electrolyte management 

After reading the above, do you question the usefulness of this feature in bodybuilding training? 

Is the good economy developed with nutrients, good blood supply to the body, worked out neuromuscular connections, do not put you before those who started training without such preparation? 

We will briefly discuss the breakdown due to energy transformation and the degree 

use of muscle fibers 


Oxygen-aerobic endurance 

It is characteristic for long-term efforts of low or medium intensity, where slow twitch muscle fibers are the most active. 

Oxygen durability is made by doing aerobic exercises such as running, marches, cycling, etc. 


Oxygen-anaerobic strength 

It prevails in efforts of medium duration and high intensity, where fast twitch fibers primarily take part in this effort. 

Anaerobic durability is achieved during the use of peripheral or station training (to a lesser extent).


Anaerobic-anaerobic durability 

It is characterized by short working time and submaximal intensity, where fast twitch fibers are the most active during anaerobic efforts. 

This type of strength is closely related to the special strength, which will not be the subject of this article, because it treats advanced training methods. 

In the endurance training methodology, I would like to draw your attention to the importance of using workouts focused on working on targeted endurance. 

When starting training at a young age, or returning to them after a long time, we must focus on this body’s ability. It is an ability that based on physical performance and creates a solid base for the future specialist form of endurance – strength endurance. 


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