Do not you be crazy about autumn physical activity?Nothing unusual.Aura does not encourage running and outdoor activities.However, there is a way to combine weight loss with pleasure.Pedestrian mountaineering is a great opportunity, which will make you admire the unique views and the most beautiful trails while you burn a lot of calories.How to prepare for hiking and how many calories you can burn in this way?

Why is it worth to go hiking?

The advantage of hiking is so much that it is difficult to list all of them.Above all, it is an undemanding form of activity that both young and older people can afford.It encourages co-operation with the whole family, which additionally strengthens the bonds and is a great option for weekend trips.What’s more, hiking does not require buying expensive equipment and you can easily walk in civilian clothes without any worries.

The advantage of hiking is also the possibility of communing with nature and getting to know the most beautiful places.Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city will let you relieve stress, take a break from everyday life and recharge your batteries for a long time.Autumnal trekking will also be a great way to improve the body’s efficiency and strengthen the immunity that will be useful during the autumn and winter season.

Who will mountain tourism be a good solution for?

Hiking to an excellent offer for people who want to break away from city life, full of noise, stress and typical urban pollution (smog, dust, fumes, etc.).A weekend in the mountains, spent on a green tourist route, is not only a pleasure but also a kind of rest from the urban lifestyle.What is most important, it is an activity for almost everyone.You can choose the degree of difficulty for the elderly, for whom trekking will be a way to improve fitness or decide on a difficult trail for experienced hikers (eg Orla Perć).The obstacle is not even the lack of mountains – lowland tourism can be equally effective in the fight against additional kilograms.

How to start hiking?

Contrary to appearances, hiking is not worth starting with completing expensive trekking equipment.The first element to be taken care of is the selection and planning of an easy route that does not require a large equipment.It is best to choose an easy trail for beginners, who will prepare us for more difficult challenges and help us to check if it is physical activity for us.However, what is worth emphasizing is to avoid the most popular routes (eg to Morskie Oko, Giewont or Gubałówka) Even in the autumn they are very crowded with tourists, which makes trekking difficult and takes away some of the pleasure of communing with nature. advice from experienced friends or take advantage of online forums where you will find interesting and less-frequented routes for beginners.

How many calories slept mountain trekking?

An invaluable advantage of walking tours is the effect on fat burning.You can burn up to 600 kcal during an intense walk in the mountains.Considering that the average trip can take many hours, the number of calories burned becomes really impressive.Heavier climbs with climbing elements can be used as an interval training, which will create oxygen debt for many hours.An additional stimulus to accelerate fat burning is the thinning of the air at a higher altitude.

Remember, however, that in the mountains you should not be in a hurry or too tired.Not only is it an accident or injury, it also takes away some of the pleasure of trekking.Let the priority will be the joy of communing with nature and beautiful landscapes, and slimming – a pleasant side effect.

What to take on trekking?

You do not need much to go hiking in the mountains.Trekking shoes (preferably waterproof), woolen socks, airy clothing, a comfortable backpack with a waterproof cover, a scarf (or buff), gloves and a hat.However, it should be remembered that temperatures in the mountains are much lower than in cities, so you should also take thermoactive underwear and additional warming (eg fleece or winter jacket).It’s best to dress on the onion, i.e. multi-layered.Thanks to that, we can easily match protection to weather conditions.Importantly, it is better to avoid cotton T-shirts and sweaters – very quickly absorb water and lose thermal properties.It is better to replace them with special synthetic materials or woolen clothes.

Additional accessories that may be useful during an autumn trip to the mountains

Do not forget about the most important rescue element, ie a charged smartphone.It is thanks to him you can find a route, indicate your position or call for help.If you’re planning a long trip, take a powerbank with you.

Food on the trail – what to put on?

The advantage of hiking is that you can go on your favorite sweets with impunity.The dry provisions are necessary to supplement the large energy expenses caused by cold and marching.What is worth to bet on?You can take, for example, biscuits, student mix, chocolate, biscuits, candies, kabanosy, condensed milk and other things that you avoid on a daily basis in your diet.Food during a hiking trip must take up little space and provide a lot of energy – in a completely different way than in the case of a slimming diet.

Carb Control

However, if you prefer more varied meals also in the mountains, nothing prevents you from preparing a full dinner on the trail.All you need is a light gas stove on a gas cartouche.Then you can prepare, for example, freeze-dried dish, Chinese soup, porridge, soup, scrambled eggs or whatever you come up with.A hot meal not only provides energy but also improves the mood.

At the end we will mention the most important one, that is about water.Unless you are able to get around without food, the water supply is fundamental.The minimum amount for a one-day trip is one and a half liters, but just in case you need to take more (for example, a liter of water and a liter of tea).If you do not have enough water, under no circumstances drink it directly from the river!Even the cleanest mountain spring can be full of bacteria.The basic way to treat water is to cook it for about 10 minutes and in case of emergency situations you can use it.


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